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PPPPPublic Private Partnership Project (various organizations)
PPPPPigeons Playing Ping Pong (band)
PPPPPakistan People's Party Parliamentarians
PPPPPrevious Paragraph was Polemical Position
PPPPPrison Pet Partnership Program (Purdy, WA)
PPPPProgram Pendidikan Permatapintar (Malaysian education program)
PPPPpianissississimo (music)
PPPPPorokeratosis Punctata Palmaris et Plantaris
PPPPPolska Partia Przyjaciól Piwa (Polish Friends of Beer Party)
PPPPPosterior Pelvic Pain since Pregnancy
PPPPPiss Poor Prior Planning
PPPPPeople-Pet Partnership Program (Washington State University)
PPPPPolitic Public Private Person
PPPPPerl Packager Pre-Processor
PPPPPredators, Parasitoids, Parasites and Pathogens (ecology)
PPPPPollution Prevention Program Plan
PPPPProduct Price Place Promotion
PPPPProgram Pollution Prevention Plan
PPPPPost Pediatric Portal Project (psychiatry training; est. 2007)
PPPPPanama Pumilio Protection Project (poison dart frog research)