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POMIPeace of Mind Insurance
POMIPhiladelphia Orchestra Media Institute (est. 1998; Philadelphia, PA)
POMIPipe Organ MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Interface
POMIPlans Operations Military Intelligence
POMIPrinciple of Measurement International
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The best way is to listen to people -- and not just any old people but those who will shape the world over the next 30 years: the post-millennials (people born in this century).
To better understand and provide insight into what Generation Z are looking for in terms of insurance service providers and careers, Applied Systems collaborated with InVEST, a school-to-work insurance program, to conduct a first-of-its- kind survey of this post-millennial generation.
Generation Z--which most observers say sounds more post-apocalyptic then post-Millennial.
There's a strong sociological and psychological underpinning in the complexity of post-millennial existence.
The Pixies, Blur, Suede and numerous others have all made the successful return from post-millennial anonymity to venue-packing glory.
The survey shows the increasing comfort levels that the Post-Millennial generation exhibit with digital technology, social networking, smart phones and gaming, which helps us create conditions to unleash their creativity and innovativeness," TCS Executive Vice President and Global Head HR Ajoy Mukherjee said.
The findings of India's largest survey of nearly 17,500 high school students across 14 Indian cities - the first such survey of an exclusive Post-Millennial audience - reveals that smart devices and unprecedented levels of online access are making this generation the most connected yet.
Come Monday morning, Brenda's surviving post-millennial customers will wish they were back in those bad old days when a white sliced loaf was theirs for 55p.
For those who see this as a transformative moment in human evolution, who mirror the post-millennial hope of other scientific utopians such as Wells himself, Google is the beginning of true liberation from the limits and flaws of the body, to be replaced by an existence of pure knowledge, sometimes called "The Singularity" by "trans-human" visionaries.
Quite frankly, I wonder if Millennials (and maybe now post-Millennial children) may have a difficult time relating to much of what is in these essays, as attitudes toward unsupervised play and interaction with nature have changed in our society.
I was drawn to this album by the positive buzz in the music press, but I was skeptical that a man so profoundly lost in the 1970s and nearing his own 70s could speak to our post-millennial condition.