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6) However, numerous studies have reported poor compliance with post-vasectomy semen analysis, with as few as 42% of men providing a first semen sample, and only 25% providing a second.
It has been reported that scheduling an appointment for post-vasectomy semen analysis provided a significant improvement in compliance with the first analysis, but scheduling an appointment did not increase compliance with a second post-vasectomy analysis if the first specimen was azoospermic.
Is the timing of post-vasectomy seminal analysis important?
Ed Leary, President of ContraVac said: "The convenience and privacy SpermCheck Vasectomy provides is anticipated to improve the compliance rate for post-vasectomy sperm testing, resulting in fewer unwanted pregnancies and providing greater peace of mind.
Q Physicians who perform vasectomies request a sperm count, so that on the patient's post-vasectomy (PV) specimens, they know if the sperm count is going down or not.
With help of the SpermCheck, the researchers evaluated a cohort of 144 post-vasectomy semen samples.
It's designed to help couples monitor and confirm that post-vasectomy sperm concentrations have reached infertile levels and avoid any surprises if recanalization occurs," he added.
Therefore, couples must be instructed to use other contraceptive measures until post-vasectomy semen testing has confirmed the absence of motile sperm.
08% (about 1/2000 cases) and is defined as the presence of motile spermatozoa in the ejaculate after documented azoospermia in 2 post-vasectomy semen analyses.
Q The physicians in our practice who perform vasectomies are requesting sperm count--if sperm is present--so they know whether the sperm count is going down on the patients' post-vasectomy (PV) specimen.
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