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PPMDParent Project Muscular Dystrophy (Fort Lee, NJ; est. 1994)
PPMDPosterior Polymorphous Dystrophy (eye disorder)
PPMDPersonal Property Management Division
PPMDParts per Million Defective
PPMDPolished Plate Meteroid Detector
PPMDPrograms and Projects Management Division (USACE)
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Eye changes include anterior lenticonus, white or yellow flecking of the perimacular region of the retina, and corneal lesions such as posterior polymorphous dystrophy and recurrent corneal erosions.
Focal guttae formation without corneal oedema can be observed in interstitial keratitis, macular corneal dystrophy and posterior polymorphous dystrophy. Central herpetic disciform keratitis can mimic FED but the presence of keratic precipitates helps to differentiate the condition.
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