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PTWPrepare the Way (various meanings)
PTWPay to Win
PTWPoison the Well (band)
PTWPlan to Watch
PTWPlan to Win (marketing strategy)
PTWPhysical Therapy & Wellness
PTWPrimary Translation Word
PTWPerforming the World (conference)
PTWPopeyethewelder (buggies)
PTWPull the Wire
PTWPermit to Work (UK)
PTWPowered Two Wheelers
PTWPower That Were
PTWPlay the World (Civilization 3 game)
PTWPathways to Work (various organizations)
PTWProtected Tactical Waveform
PTWPressure Treated Wood
PTWPerformance Tool Wilmar
PTWPower Trip Wrestling (UK)
PTWPlay to Win
PTWPottstown, Pennsylvania (Airport Code)
PTWPrice to Win
PTWPhysikalisch-Technische Werkstätten GmbH (producer of dosimetry equipment; Freiburg, Germany)
PTWPartial Thickness Wound (medical care)
PTWPrecision Targeting Workstation
PTWParty Time Watches (est. 2010)
PTWPlayer to Watch
PTWPotential Trigger Warning
PTWPersonal Training Weapon
PTWProve Them Wrong
PTWPops Tönende Wunderwelt (German: Pops Sounding Wonderland; radio show; Germany)
PTWPotassium Titanate Whisker (cellular biology)
PTWPirate the World (online pirate game)
PTWProfesional Training Weapon
PTWProposing to Win
PTWPrecision Tomahawk Workstation
PTWPosting to Watch
PTWPerfect Tanning Weather (Booba Jones)
PTWPychkine-Tews-Weinmann (cryptographical attack on the WEP encryption protocol)
PTWParticipant Test Weekend (London Stock Exchange; UK)
PTWProfessional Time Waster
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Among the available ceramic whiskers, potassium titanate whisker ([K.sub.2][O.sub.6] x Ti[O.sub.2], PTW) has been found to be a promising reinforcer for the wear resistant composites due to its unique properties, such as outstanding mechanical performance, low hardness (Mohs hardness 4), and excellent chemical stability.
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