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PDDIProduct Definition Data Interface
PDDIPerfect Digit-to-Digit Invariant (mathematics)
PDDIParallel-Design Distributed-Implementation
PDDIPerhimpunan Donor Darah Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesian Association of Blood Donors)
PDDIPotential Drug-Drug Interaction
PDDIPennsylvania Digital Divide Initiative (Pennsylvania Service-Learning Alliance; Philadelphia, PA)
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Hence, this study is planned to assess the profile of drug-drug interactions in the medications prescribed to elderly population and also to identify the possible predictors for potential drug-drug interactions in the elderly.
Watch for a potential drug-drug interaction with valproate and a mildly increased risk of bleeding with SSRIs
A multicentered pharmacoepidemiological approach to evaluate clinically significant potential drug-drug interactions in medical intensive care settings in Pakistan.
In present study total number of potential drug-drug interactions identified was 369.
Table 1: Potential drug-drug interactions in children with precursor cell lymphoblastic leukemia-lymphoma.
Rabinowitz, "Prevalence and predictors of potential drug-drug interactions in Regione Emilia-Romagna, Italy," Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, vol.
showed (45%) potential drug-drug interactions (pDDIs) at pulmonology ward in a tertiary care hospital at Peshawar, Pakistan.[17] This study showed that drug-drug interaction is a common drug therapy problem in both government and private hospitals.
(3) Potential drug-drug Interactions (PDDIs) are preventable and are common causes of ADEs.
The pharmacokinetic profiles and any potential drug-drug interactions between the two agents will also be assessed.
This comprehensive book offering theory and practice is the first of its kind in covering the topics included in this volume, such as drug-drug interaction risks (both theoretical and observed) in combination with small molecules and with other biologics, pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions, pharmacodynamics drug-drug interactions, utility of in vitro methods in drug-drug interaction assessment and prediction, modeling-independent and modeling-based methods to assess potential drug-drug interactions, risk-based strategies for evaluating biologic drug-drug interactions, strategies to minimize drug-drug interaction risk and mitigate toxic interactions, and regularity perspectives on biologic drug-drug interaction assessments.