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CurTiPotPotentiometric Titration Curves (software for acid-base titration curve analysis and pH calculation)
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Potentiometric titration curves of blank (red) (solvent mixture: toluene/isopropanol/water) and of sample A2 (black) according to ASTM D664 modified method with 0.1 mol [L.sup.-1] KOH titrant solution.
The mV values read in each titration were drawn against TBAH volumes (mL) added and potentiometric titration curves were formed for all the cases.
7: pH - mL (TBAH) potentiometric titration curves of 0.001 M solutions of compound 3i titrated with 0.05 M TBAH in isopropyl alcohol, t-butyl alcohol, acetonitrile and N,N-dimethyl formamide at 25degC.
The potentiometric titration curves of 3,3-bis(1-methylimidazol-2-yl)propionate in the presence and absence of diorganotin(IV) are compared.
At this pH, the adsorption of [H.sup.+] and O[H.sup.-] are equal and is the point of intersection of potentiometric titration curves at different electrolytic concentration.
The zero point of charge or pH0 (Gillman and Uehera, 1980) of all the soils were determined from their potentiometric titration curves and is presented in table 2.
Prior to the viscosity measurement, all the carboxylic acid groups in each HA/FA sample were converted to the carboxylate form by the addition of a requisite amount of alkali (NaOH) corresponding to the first inflexion point of the potentiometric titration curves.
In order to determine the [[Sigma].sub.A] (kaolinite) and [[Sigma].sub.B] (hematite) and [[Sigma]] from Eqn 1, potentiometric titration curves for kaolinite and hematite were carried out.