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PZPotenza (Italy)
PZPanzer (German tank)
PZPezzi (Italian: pieces)
PZPickup Zone
PZPrimary Zone
PZPittsburgh Zoo
PZTransportes Aereos del Mercosur, Paraguay (IATA airline code)
PZPièze(s) (measure of pressure)
PZPort of Penzance
PZPhase Zero Defense
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Nel gruppo femminile (F), i valori medi di potenza degli arti inferiori destro e sinistro (LP right, LP left) nella fase iniziale (pre) sono stati rispettivamente: 60,85 [+ or -] 13,73 e 62,31 [+ or -] 15,18, mentre nella fase finale (post) sono stati rispettivamente: 75,85 [+ or -] 13,64 e 74,69 [+ or -] 16,52.
In 2006 it was taken over by Potenza Sports Cars, which also owns Potenza Technology.
Since this working group has been meeting on a quarterly basis," said Potenza, "I feel we've made a lot of progress on procedural issues.
David Potenza, director of property management for The Gutierrez Companies, acknowledged that Nokia was a client that explained what it wanted, and then worked with the management company to achieve the desired results.
che giunge fin dove piu giunge la potenza battente sul piano
BTI's latest type, Potenza 711, is a development from the previous Potenza version, and it has higher durability and a stronger grip.
Potenza said "Once specific retail categories have been identified, the consultants will guide the City in marketing itself to potential retailers in those target categories.
24) If, as these statements suggest, the epigenetic process of procreation is applied to the creative process, then the artist acquires the potenza of the sperma while the marble, bronze, or paint takes on the function of the katamenia.
Developing a culture where employees build brand value in each interaction with the customer is a powerful competitive advantage, and we are proud of the results eTouchPoint delivers," said founder and CEO John Potenza.
News & Trends was reported by Nicholas Fandos of The New York Times', and Alessandra Potenza and Gabriel Tyler.
The aero kit also includes 18-inch BBS aluminium wheels, high-performance brake pads, Bridgestone Potenza tyres and Sachs shock absorbers.