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Both the viscosity modifier and pour point depressant performance were better for the copolymers in comparison to the homopolymer (P-1).
These materials are described as pour point depressants. These polymeric substances are added to a crude oil and the polymer associates with the wax crystal lattice structure in a way that blocks or stearically hinders the complete formation of the wax crystal.
This new storage facility in Indonesia provides Clariant's Oil Services customers in the region with an improved, more sustainable supply chain for its Pour Point Depressants (PPD) and Drag Reducing Agent (DRA) products, in line with the specific requirements of the oil industry.
The ACCENTTM Wax Inhibitor dispersions were shown to be effective pour point depressants on various crude oils.
- Pour Point Depressants Market - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020
High-value additives such as antioxidants, defoamers, pour point depressants and other smaller-volume products will post above-average gains, benefitting from tightening performance, environmental and safety standards.
Consequently, HI base oils respond well to pour point depressants and can approach the superior low temperature performance of PAO's [7].
[ClickPress, Sun Aug 23 2015] Pour Point Depressants Market by Chemistry (polyalkylmethacrylates, styrene esters, ethylene co vinyl acetate, poly alpha olefin, and others), by End User (Lubricant Industry and Oil & Gas Industry) & by region - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2020
In addition, we are continually upgrading the performance profile of our products, and have launched a new range of pour point depressants with these features", he adds.
Namely, they are used as viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants (viscosity--temperature behavior) of lubricating mineral oils for more than half a century (6).
Because they have highly branched structures, the diesters make good pour point depressants.