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PXRDPowder X-Ray Diffraction (also seen as PXD)
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For each powder sample (including the one characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction), powder X-ray diffraction data have been collected with a X'Pert PRO PANalytical 0/20 diffractometer equipped by CuK[alpha] radiation, using Bragg-Brentano geometry, in steps of 0.017[degrees] and a counting time of 0.008 s per step, within an angular range from 10 to 100[degrees] for the refinement.
The phases and structure of the as-prepared titanate samples were further characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD, D/Max 2400, Rigaku, by a diffractometer) in the 2?
Hence, the powder X-ray diffraction analysis was done on the samples with the 20 step value of 0.02[degrees].
The powder X-ray diffraction data of [Mg.sub.3] [Y.sub.2][(Si[O.sub.4]).sub.3] at ambient conditions revealed that this phase has a cubic structure (Ia-3d), with unit-cell dimensions of a = 11.9995(4) [Angstrom].
Therefore the presence of sulphate minerals identified by powder X-ray diffraction and chemical analyses in our samples can be explained by transformation of pyrite into mikasaite and basanite during coal samples powdering to grain size below 0.1 mm.
Powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) data was obtained using a Shimadzu XRD-6000 automated powder diffractometer with a Cu target, a Ni-monochromator, and a solid state detector.
Hubbard (1971-1988) Single crystal and powder x-ray diffraction methods, software, standard reference materials, and reference patterns collection and evaluation.
In the late thirties, the powder x-ray diffraction technique was recognized as a powerful technique for phase identification/chemical analysis.
Powder X-ray diffraction (Rigaku DMAX 2200, Rigaku/USA, MA) and microscopic examinations by scanning electron microscopy (JEOL JSM-5300, JEOL USA Inc., MA) indicated that the HA formed in CPC (Fig.