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Figure 1(a) shows the previous L-bridge EBG power/ground planes design.
EBG structures are introduced to attenuate power/ground noise or simultaneous switching noise in PCBs.
To control the impedance of power/ground plane over the desired frequency band, proper spiral inductor is selected considering SRF and inductance.
11:00 to 11:30: Noise Coupling Between Signal and Power/Ground Nets Due to Signal Vias Transitioning Through Power/Ground Plane Pair
For this example, where the power/ground plane is closer to the bottom of the board than the top, the loop area would be smaller and the connection inductance would be lower if the capacitor was mounted on the back side of the board rather than the top side.
The lack of IO interconnect models made the simulated power/ground noise at driver and receiver sides unpredictable, especially when a large number of drivers switch simultaneously.
The package substrate effect could be decreased by some of these factors, including impedance control, resonant cavity in the power/ground plane, radiated emission by crosstalk, or coupling and skin effects.
In some power conversion applications, it is possible lo reduce potentially complex requirements of output magnetics by utilizing the lead frame of the stacked capacitor as power/ground.
Apache and ST's collaborations have resulted in the delivery of power and noise solutions for SoC power signoff, advanced low power design validation, custom IP analysis and modelling, besides early-design power/ground grid prototyping.
However, the use of these technologies pose major power, thermal, and stress challenges due to the coupling of power/ground noise and heat transfer between the die, silicon substrate, package, and board.