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We have been using PowerBuilder since 1997 to build and maintain business critical financial planning applications that require a reliable platform," said Dimitri Joosten, Analyst Programmer at Van Havermaet Groenweghe.
PowerBuilder 12 still requires only about five lines of code to access powerful business logic using its patented DataWindow[R] technology.
According to the company, the new PowerBuilder 12 architecture works with Microsoft's Visual Studio infrastructure to assist a high level of application development productivity for PowerBuilder developers on the .
PowerBuilder 12 is one of the most significant releases in the product's history, enabling new and existing PowerBuilder developers to deliver RIA, Web, mobile and desktop .
The latest version offers several new features that aim to speed up the development of n-tier, web and client/server enterprise applications and that allow developers to build web sites and write web applications within the PowerBuilder environment.
We have recognized the need in the PowerBuilder community for a versatile and open .
PowerBuilder 11 continues to support integration with J2EE(TM) environments and Win32(R) applications.
In related news, Sybase today announced that PowerBuilder won Visual Studio Magazine's Readers Choice Merit Award.
PowerBuilder developers can now play an active role in building applications that access a variety of data from customers' vendors and other services through the new Web Services support.
The Sybase[R] team is very proud to receive this award for PowerBuilder and more importantly the PowerBuilder[R] Community," said Dimitri Volkmann, senior director of product management, Sybase.
a leading provider of enterprise infrastructure and wireless software, today announced the general availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 10.
PowerBuilder has long been a gold-standard for 4GL Rapid Application Development (RAD) IDE for building two-tier, distributed Web applications and Smart Clients.