PPG7International Pilot Programme to Conserve the Brazilian Rainforest (est. 1992)
PpG7Pseudomonas Putida Strain G7
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Para responder a las interrogantes propuestas se estudia los origenes del PPG7, su trayectoria y contexto.
Dower also questioned whether the planning system and its policies were well geared to the needs of AONBs and whether the forthcoming further revision of PPG7 provided an opportunity to strengthen the planning status of AONBs.
4 of PPG7 was replaced in a ministerial statement which stated 'Local planning authorities should be supportive of well-conceive farm diversification schemes for business purposes that are consistent in their scale with their rural location.
Eager to show that it is a listening Government, despite all the evidence to the contrary from student fees to Iraq, the final revision of PPG7 (now called PPS7 as part of the 're-naming of parts' programme that keeps us all busy at the moment) keeps Gummer's Law.
Under government planning policy guidelines, PPG7, there is provision for authorities to allow the construction of a new generation of country houses.
He also announces that in the review and replacement of planning policy guidance notes (PPGs) with planning policy statements (PPSs) priority will be given to PPG1 (on general policies and principles), PPG3 (housing), PPG4 (economic development), PPG6 (town centres), PPG7 (countryside), PPG9 (nature conservation), PPG10 (waste management), PPG11 (regional planning), PPG12 (development plans), PPG 22 (renewable energy), PPG 23 (pollution), and PPG25 (flood risk)--consultation on several of which has already taken place or is under way.
21 of PPG7, the Planning Policy Guidance Note called 'The Countryside: The Environmental Quality and Economic and Social Development'.
The TCPA has welcomed the draft revision to PPG7 (as PPS7) and its overall objective of sustaining and enhancing the distinctive environment, economy, and social fabric of the English countryside for the benefit of all.
This is a re-iteration of a change that was made to PPG7 in March 2001, when para.
PPG7 allows for a certain amount of conversion of existing buildings to dwellings, although conversion to employment use is now preferred; Circular 1/94 grudgingly allows that some gypsy sites may need to be sited in the countryside; and--with one other rather startling exception which I will come to later--that's about it.
PPG7 is one of the first PPGs to be overhauled in the context of the Green Paper and the Planning Bill, and so may act as a template for the new format 'planning policy statements' that are scheduled to replace them.