PPBVPart Per Billion by Volume
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They found that 60,000 years ago, methane was present at around 500 ppbv.
The CCME Management Plan suggests that the 82 ppbv ozone target would require a 40 -- 50% reduction in [NO.
Phase II therefore aims at establishing emission caps to meet the 82 ppbv objective by 2005.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a nonattainment area for the 8-hr National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) of 80 ppbv, and a portion of the park was classified as nonattainment for the 24-hour P[M.
3] using an inflection point of 40 ppbv to determine whether or not different relationships were observed at higher concentrations.
3] with an inflection point of 40 ppbv did not produce different results.
5] that we observed, some of which were substantially below the current NAAQS--80 ppbv for [O.
The objective is to economically achieve the most stringent cleanup requirements for sulfur species, halide species, mercury, and particulate matter expected for chemical and fuel synthesis applications (total sulfur species < 60 ppbv, halides < 10 ppbv, mercury < 0.
Contaminant levels in the 10 to 50 ppbv range were measured in the ultra-clean syngas corresponding to removal efficiencies exceeding 99.
The system desulfurizer and CO removal stages reduce sulfur and CO below 5 ppbv and 10 ppmv, respectively.
While most technologies take hours or days to respond to changes in ppbv moisture concentration, the Model 5910 provides a quantum leap in performance with a speed of response that's measured in minutes," he adds.
l, a 5,500' wildcat test of a Cretaceous Hosston "channel sand" supported by excellent subsurface geological data, geochemical soil gas survey, and dynamic atmospheric ethane gas leakage of 40 ppbv or twenty (20) times normal background.