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PPMVParts Per Million by Volume
PPMVPigeon Paramyxovirus
PPMVProprietary Patent Medicine Vendor (Nigeria)
PPMVPositive-Pressure Mechanical Ventilation
PPMVPositive Pressure Mask Ventilation
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2] en el suelo relativamente bajos, similares al valor medio estimado para las poblaciones geoquimicas de fondo de cada campana (0,6 ppmV para 2000, 0,7 ppmV para 2001 y 4,1 ppmV para 2002) y ligeramente superiores al contenido de [H.
Test 1 Concentration Enter Exit Removal ppmv ppmv % Methanol 24.
Moisture content is displayed in Lbs/MMscf, Dew Point Temperature and in ppmv.
The mean difference between actual and predicted values was 11 ppmv with a standard deviation of 69.
Although elemental contamination is not usually present in natural gas, arsenic has been occasionally found in some raw natural gas wells at ppmv or sub-ppmv levels.
10-12, source named in PPMV as Aryaratnakuta), Stael-Holstein 1926: 87; (36) Tathagataguhyasutra (PPMV 361.
A 1mL sample loop was also used for this analysis in order to achieve a detection level of approximately 40 ppmv.
Avec la meme vigueur, nous nous adressons, aux autorites de tutelle et aux divers commissions ayant participe a la preparation du Plan de Protection et de Mise en Valeur de Carthage (le fameux PPMV qui s'eternise depuis 1992, et dont la delimitation territoriale remonte a 1985) nous les implorons afin qu'ils ratifient le document et le mettent en application dans les meilleurs delais.
2] has increased from 280 ppmv in 1750 to 400ppmv in 2013, and is currently increasing at the rate of 2.
2] in the atmosphere for 2012 was 394 ppmv, representing an increase of 40 % compared to the levels of this gas during the 18th century.
Over the Phanerozoic eon--the last 570,000,000 years--carbon dioxide concentrations below 500 ppmv (parts per million by volume) are associated with the two longest-lasting glaciations of the earth.