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PIPPersonal Injury Protection (insurance)
PIPPicture In Picture (TVs and monitors)
PIPPartido Independentista Puertorriqueño (pro-independence political party; Puerto Rico)
PIPPartido Independentista Puertorriqueño (Puerto Rican Independence Party)
PIPProposer Information Pamphlet (DARPA)
PIPPalisades Interstate Parkway (New Jersey)
PIPPaediatric Investigation Plan (EU)
PIPPolicía de Investigaciones del Perú (Spanish: Investigative Police of Peru)
PIPPaper Impact Printing
PIPProgram Initialization Parameter
PIPPeripheral Interchange Program
PIPProgrammable Interconnect Point
PIPProblem Isolation Procedure
PIPPayload Integration Plan
PIPProcess Improvement Proposal
PIPPrecipitation Intercomparison Project
PIPPressure Indicating Paste (dentistry)
PIPPacket Interface Port
PIPPositive Inspiratory Pressure
PIPProfessional Intern Program
PIPPlayer Initiative Point (fantasy wargaming)
PIPPlot Inconsistencies Project
PIPPosterior Intraparietal
PIPPartnership in Protection
PIPPension Input Period (UK)
PIPPublic Interest Parole (US INS)
PIPProcedural Interrupt Positive (ITU-T Rec. T.30)
PIPProtected Index Participation
PIPProduct Improvement Proposal
PIPPump Intake Pressure
PIPPayment in Progress (Google AdSense)
PIPProduction-Injection Packer
PIPPrice Improvement Service (German alternative stock market)
PIPPrivatization In Place
PIPProject Integration Program (UBC Electrical Engineering)
PIPPrivate Independent Practitioner (social work certification)
PIPProject on Inequality and Poverty
PIPPeripheral Interface Program
PIPPrimary Injection Point
PIPProtected Index Program (PTI Securities & Futures LP)
PIPPriority Interconnection Plan (European Union)
PIPPath Independent Protocol
PIPProcess Instrumentation Process
PIPProgrammed Individual Presentation
PIPPulsed Integrating Pendulum
PIPPeak Inspiration Pressure
PIPPolice Information Project (ISLP)
PIPPost Issuance Portal
PIPPost-Harvest Institute of Perishables
PIPPrecise Installation Position
PIPPower Input Panel
PIPPré-Introductiepracticum (Dutch)
PIPPilot Implementation Plan
PIPProjected Intercept Point
PIPPayload Impact Plan
PIPPercentage Increment Point (smallest increment point of a currency pair.
PIPProcedural Interface Protocol
PIPProgram Information Request/Release
PIPPig Improvement Program
PIPPower Improvement Program
PIPPrecision Instrumentation Package
PIPPotential Integrator and Plotting
PIPProduction Installation Procedures
PIPPrecise Impulse Propulsion
PIPPlug-In Provisioning (Ciena)
PIPPropellant Initiation Program
PIPPlume Interference Prediction
PIPPreliminary Installation Planning
PIPPlanning Integration Panel
PIPPersonnel Insight Program
PIPPosted Information Plate
PIPPartial Interference Pre-Subtraction
PIPPer Incident Pricing
PIPPersonnel Identity Protection Program (US DoD)
PIPProtocol User-Initiated Provisioning
PIPPosition Indication Probe (nuclear power)
PIPPosition Integration Project
PIPPersonnel Improvement Program (US DoD)
PIPPOM (Program Objective Memorandum) Initiative Builder
PIPPresence Information Protocol
PIPprocess integration pack
PIPPrivate IP
PiPPricing in Proportion (UK Royal Mail)
PIPPipe-In-Pipe (oil & gas pipeline)
PIPPost Implementation Review
PIPPercentage of Income Payment
PIPProximal Interphalangeal (finger joint)
PiPParents in Partnership (foster parents)
PIPPartners in Protection (Canada Border Services Agency)
PIPPredicted Impact Point (missile defense)
PIPProperty Investment Portfolio (UK)
PIPProfit Improvement Proposal
PIPPreliminary Investment Proposal
PIPParole in Place (USCIS)
PIPProjected Impact Point (missile defense)
PIPPresses Internationales Polytechnique (Canadian educational book publisher)
PIPPartners in Print
PIPPeak Inspiratory Pressure
PIPProduct Improvement Program
PIPPrice Interest Point (currency trading)
PIPProcess Improvement Plan
PIPPredicted Intercept Point
PIPPandemic Influenza Preparedness (various locations)
PIPPersonal Improvement Plan
PIPPublic Investment Programme
PIPPlastic Irrigation Pipe
PIPPartnership in Power
PIPPeerless Internet Protocol (Network)
PIPProperty Improvement Plan
PIPPublic Information Panels
PIPPuerto Rican Independence Party
PIPPatient in Pain
PIPPretty in Pink
PIPProject Information Portal (GSA)
PIPPreliminary Information Package
PIPPersonal Investment Portfolio
PIPPublic Involvement Program
PIPPriority Inheritance Protocol
PIPProcess Industry Practices
PIPPerformance Incentive Plan (various organizations)
PiPPatients in Partnership
PIPProfessional Improvement Plan
PIPPartners in Planning Financial Services Ltd. (also seen as PIPFS; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
PIPPatient Information Publications (UK)
PIPPersonal Input Pod (Vyro Games)
PIPProcess Integration Program (Hewlett Packard)
PIPProduct Improvement Plan
PIPProcess Improvement Process
PIPProject Implementation Plan
PIPProduct Information Program
PIPProductivity Improvement Program
PIPProgram Implementation Plan
PIPProgram Improvement Plan
PIPPerformance Improvement Plan
PIPPeriodic Interim Payment
PIPParallel Image Processing
PIPParticipant Instrumentation Package
PIPPartner Interface Process (RosettaNet)
PIPPartners In Performance (immunization/health initiative)
PIPPast International President
PIPPlural Interface Processing (credit card processing)
PIPPopulation Information Program
PIPPress Institute of Pakistan