PRIRPacific Region Industrial Relations (mailing list)
PRIRPine Ridge Indian Reservation (South Dakota)
PRIRPrimitive Irish (linguistics)
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The PRIR and the pharmacy's patient profiles were used to identify eligible adult patients for HPV vaccination based upon current ACIP recommendations.
The 2005-2007 data from the OST/Pine Ridge Service Unit Severe Injury Profiles demonstrated that MVCs were the leading cause of death from severe injuries in PRIR (Figure 1).
Using the burglaries incidents dataset, the PRIR is now calculated.
* Where PRIR is for Puerto Rico's industries export rate.
Prir bagf - programming study for the construction of school equipment and the layout of the neighborhood entrance.
Contract notice: prir bagf - planning study for school equipment construction and neighborhood entrance building reference number: va-19-51
Muzea, prir. Vedy, 11, Liberec, 235-260, (in Czech).
Contract notice: urban study with a situational prevention mission within the framework of the urban renewal project of regional interest (prir) of the priority district la haie griselle / the beech forest in boissy-saint-lger / limeil-brvannes
Oberc, J.: 1960b, Pokus o interpretaci "prechodu" mezi formacemi ruzneho stari, Prir. Cas.
Contract notice: project management contract for the rehabilitation of 554 collective dwellings and common areas of 12 buildings under the prir of vigne-aux-roses in la roche-sur-yon
Main features: the contract is part of the implementation of the regional interest renewal project (prir) favreau - les mauges, carried by the agglomeration of choletais (adc).
Contract notice: Study Of Urban Strategy - New National Urban Renewal Program - Quartier Prir Regional Envelope