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It was in the silly season, and a prominent editor, a cousin of the temporary laboratory-assistant, appealed to the conscience of the nation.
In the discussion from day to day of the various features of this programme, the question came up as to the advisability of putting a member of the Negro race on for one of the opening addresses, since the Negroes had been asked to take such a prominent part in the Exposition.
In this procession were prominent coloured citizens in carriages, as well as several Negro military organizations.
She was a formidable style of lady with spectacles, a prominent nose, and a loud voice, who had the effect of wanting a great deal of room.
Among them, and prominent in some dispute, was the father of the little child.
She was a terrifying-looking person; almost a giantess in height, raw-boned, with iron-grey hair, a face always flushed, and prominent, hysterical eyes.
Clamanges never rose to become a prominent ecclesiastical statesman such as Gerson or Pierre d'Ailly, the other eminent conciliarist at the Council of Constance.
ProMinent Fluid Controls, Resolution Road, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 1DW, UK.
Appointing so many African Americans to prominent positions in his administration is a wise political move.
Post the notice required by paragraph (b)(1) of this section in a prominent and conspicuous location on or at the automated teller machine; and
Yet no soap opera is ripe without the low-hanging fruit of a little blackmail, and it arrived swiftly in the January 5 edition of Neue Zurcher Zeitung, a prominent national paper, in an article that began by accusing the search committee of insularity and the unmasked hopefuls of inexperience, while mourning various older candidates--including Magnaguagno--left out in the cold.
The Swiss were making their mark on the global insurance scene in 1900, and prominent among Swiss insurers was Zurich General Accident & Liability Insurance Co., founded in 1872.