PrPMCProcessor PCI Mezzanine Card
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The PMC sites have flexible onboard inter-connectivity and configuration (Monarch and non-Mo narch) capability, which means OEMs can develop a variety of AdvancedTCA modules using standard off-the-shelf PMCs and PrPMCs.
PrPMC technology has a number of characteristics that make it extremely attractive in a deeply embedded medical device.
The PrPMC communicates to the baseboard (also sometimes called a carrier card) through the industry-standard PCI bus running at up to 66 MHz and 64 bit wide bus or 528 MBytes/sec.
The EPC-6320 and EPC-6321 are 74mm x 149mm, complying with the streamlined PrPMC standard form factor.
The new RadiSys PrPMCs are ultra-dense CPUs offering OEMs high performance in a modular, upgradeable, standard PMC form factor.
The PSL09 PrPMC is ideal for new or upgraded embedded applications that need a Windows XP graphical user interface like I/O management, data management or packet processing applications.
Our PrPMC boards enable our customers to deliver a low-power and cost-competitive solution.
Incorporating a dual-mode PCI-to-PCI bridge, the 82600 provides the unique capability to become either a system controller or a peripheral processor in CompactPCI systems or to support Monarch and non-Monarch configurations for a PrPMC (processor PCI mezzanine card) application.
The PrPMC based system and PrPMC-Carrier board are standard solutions that provide expansion capability as applications demand increased performance, memory and PCI bandwidth.
The PrPMC800 -- the first PrPMC with Motorola's MPC7410 microprocessor with AltiVec(TM) technology -- is a high performance mezzanine card (PMC) designed to be the heart of high end computed and entry digital signal processing (DSP) applications in the medical equipment, semiconductor production and test equipment, and telecommunications markets.
In addition to being the latest member of MCG's popular PrPMC product family, the PrPMC600 builds on the VITA-32 standard that simplifies and speeds the development of custom PCI designs in such industries as semiconductor equipment, storage, printing, medical equipment and telecommunications.
We are working closely with VMETRO to validate their I/O Controller with Motorola's line of PrPMCs to deliver truly powerful and modular solutions.