PRAVPlayground and Recreation Association of Victoria (Australia)
PRAVPlanned Restricted Availability
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But when I looked at the set-up, I wanted continuity from 2009 and the experience that was gained there, but also a bit > TURN TO PAGE 51 THE LIONS COACHING TEAM HEAD COACH: Warren Gatland TOUR MANAGER: Andy Irvine BACKS COACH: Rob Howley FORWARDS COACH: Graham Rowntree DEFENCE COACH: Andy Farrell CONDITIONING COACH: Adam Beard FITNESS COACH: Paul Stridgeon HEAD OF PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS: Rhys Long PERFORMANCE ANALYST: Rhodri Bown HEAD OF MEDICAL: Dr James Robson PHYSIOTHERAPIST: Prav Mathema
WRU national medical performance manager Prav Mathema, said: "The WRU Immediate Care in Rugby course is essential training for delivering the highest level of pitchside care to professional players in Wales.
Shane is recovering well," said Welsh Rugby Union national medical performance manager Prav Mathema.
The safety and longevity of Matthew's career is paramount, we are all very disappointed that Matthew will not be with us at the World Cup but his health is at the fore of our decision," said Wales team doctor Prav Mathema.
Morgan has picked up a strain to the quad muscle in his thigh and will need to be managed over the next couple of weeks," said WRU National Medical Performance Manager Prav Mathema.
WRU medical manager Prav Mathema said: "Although the injury is mild, Spala will be intense and Morgan will not get the maximum benefit with the injury he has.
Shane will be out of action for a period of six to eight weeks after sustaining damage to the posterior cruciate ligament in his left knee during the match at the weekend," said Wales' medical manager Prav Mathema.
Craig has now had corrective surgery after dislocating his right shoulder," said Wales national performance medical manager Prav Mathema.