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PMPost Meridiem (period from noon to midnight)
PMPolice Magistrate
PMProvost Marshal
PMParticulate Matter
PMPast Master
PMPersonal Message (IRC)
PMPrime Minister
PMSt. Pierre and Miquelon (ISO country code, top level domain name)
PMPour Memoir (French: For Memory; response to RSVP)
PMPower Management
PMPlus Minus (hockey goals scored while player on/off ice)
PMPerformance Monitoring
PMPrecious Metals
PMPerformance Measurement
PMPower Macintosh (Apple)
PMPhillip Morris
PMPerpetual Motion
PMPreventive Maintenance
PMPerry Meridian (High School)
PMPocket Monsters (Pokémon)
PMPlasma Membrane (lipid bilayer)
PMPower Monitoring
PMPolice Misconduct
PMPerformance Meeting
PMPipe Major
PMPrecautionary Measure
PMPermanent Memory
PMPowder Metallurgy
PMPolicia Militar
PMPageMaker (Adobe software)
PMPeriodic Maintenance
PMPremier Ministre (French: Prime Minister; various nations)
PMPhase Modulation
PMPhone Me
PMPharmacy Manager
PMPolymyositis (Immune disease causing muscle inflammation)
PMPeso Mexicano (Mexican Peso)
PMPour Mémoire (French: for the record)
PMPlanar Map
PMPlatform Model (Object Management Group)
PMPontifex Maximus
PMPower Mirror
PMPressurized Module
PMPlaymore Corporation (Japan)
PMPhoto Multiplier
PMPlaza Miranda (Philippines)
PMPolice Militaire (French: Military Police)
PMPlatinum Medallion (Delta Sky Miles)
PMPerformance Margin
PMPreço de Mercado (Portuguese: Market Price)
PMPeritrophic Matrix (biology)
PMPistolet Mitrailleur (French: Machine Gun)
PMPohjoismaiden Mestaruus (Finnish: Nordic Championship)
PMPetameter (10 E^15, one quadrillion meters)
PMPlant Miscellaneous
PMPrécompte Mobilier (French)
PMPressure Multiplier
PMProcessable Mode
PMProject Missionary
PMPaul McMartney (musician)
PMparallel track multiunit (US DoD)
PMPeter Moosleitner's Magazin (German science magazine)
PMPronto Mezcla (Guatemala concrete dispencer business)
PMProperties Master (theatre)
PMPeritoneal Metastasis
PMPattern Matching
PMSisters of the Presentation of Mary (religious order)
PMPhilippine Marine (indigenous Marine in the Philippines)
PMProperty Manager
PMProcurement Manager
PMpassage material (US DoD)
PMPulse Modulation
PMPush Me
PMPush Money
PMPreventative Maintenance
PMPure Math
PMPresentation Manager (OS/2)
PMPlanned Maintenance
PMPlanning Module
PMPopular Mechanics (magazine)
PMPartitionMagic (PowerQuest)
PMPrice Match
PMPenton Media (New York, NY)
PMPubblico Ministero (Italian: Public Prosecutor)
PMPortfolio Manager
PMPrime Meridian (zero longitude)
PMPreventive Medicine
PMPalm Mute (guitar technique)
PMPrime Meridian (magazine)
PMPrincess Mononoke
PMPermanent Magnet
PMPeople Meter
PMPerformance Management
PMPatternmaker (USN Rating)
PMMaximum Power
PMPrime Mover
PMPrinted Matter
PMPrivate Message
PMProblem Management
PMProcedures Manual
PMProcess Model
PMProduct Manager
PMProduction Management
PMProduction Manager
PMProduction Meeting
PMProduction Model
PMProgram Manager
PMProgram Memorandum
PMProgram Memory
PMProject Management
PMProject Manager
PMProject Master
PMProject Memo
PMPropulsion Module
PMPrinciples of Medicine
PMPalma de Mallorca (Spain)
PMPrimary Mirror (telescopes)
PMBureau of Political-Military Affairs (DoD)
PMPalliative Medicine
PMPulp Mill
PMPractice Management
PMPersonnel Manager
PMPain Management
PMPressure Meter
PMPerfect Money (Internet payment system; Panama)
PMPentium M (Intel processor)
PMPrimeiro-Ministro (Portugal)
PMPenalty Minutes (hockey)
PMProcess Management
PMPatriot Missile
PMPurulent Meningitis
PMProgressive Majority
PMPerception Management (corporate communications)
PMProtocol Machine
PMProduction Manifold (oil and gas drilling)
PMPower Module
PMPrivilege Management (IT, middleware; networking)
PMProgressive Maintenance
PMProposed Monitor
PMPsychosomatic Medicine
PMPayload Module
PMPer Month
PMPolymer Morphology
PMPaper Machine
PMpatient movement (US DoD)
PMPaper Mario (N64 game)
PMPrototyping Methodology
PMPrototype Model (engineering)
PMPurchase Memorandum
PMPriority Mail (USPS)
PMPhantom Menace (Star Wars)
PMPassmonster (security software)
PMPolicy Manual
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Neste contexto cabe dar destaque a assunto relevante relacionado tanto a Educacao Fisica quanto a Sexualidade Humana: a Sindrome de Tensao Pre-Menstrual (STPM), isto e um conjunto de sinais e sintomas que acometem as mulheres, caracterizado por transtornos fisicos e psiquicos, geralmente na fase pre-menstrual e classificado no Codigo Internacional de Doencas (CD-10) como 'doenca ginecologica'.
Tais sintomas resultam de um intercurso complexo entre esteroides sexuais e neurotransmissores cerebrais e sao classificados em conjunto como tensao premenstrual (TPM), sindrome pre-menstrual (SPM) ou disturbio disforico pre-menstrual, este ultimo o mais intenso, incapacitando a mulher acometida de realizar suas atividades cotidianas.
Frente a estas situacoes, este trabalho busca comparar parametros nutricionais e clinicos da sindrome pre-menstrual de mulheres em idade fertil com e sem diagnostico de Sindrome dos Ovarios Policisticos.
Soy contains phytoestrogens called isoflavones which are weak and naturally occurring plant estrogens that may help reduce or relieve pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms.
The pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) was first described in 1931 by Frank and Horney, who speculated on the possible physiopathological origins of the condition and on some forms of treatment.
Up to 15% of cases are severe enough to be classified as pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).
A LOW daily dose of Prozac could end pre-menstrual misery for millions of women and their families, research suggests.
Nobody knows for sure why women experience pre-menstrual syndrome.
Scientists have discovered that, in the 10 pre-menstrual days of the month, women are genetically "less controlled, more impulsive and more excessive" when it comes to shopping.
We reveal how you too can help manage pre-menstrual monsters.
Q WHAT'S the best herb to help ease the usual pre-menstrual changes?
Jamieson Laboratories, Toronto, Canada, has unveiled PMS Support Chocolate Bars--a collection of 15 soy crisp chocolate bars infused with botanicals to help relieve both the physical and emotional symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).