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PREPOpre-positioned force, equipment, or supplies (US DoD)
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The Reserve Bank is also releasing a summary of submissions (PDF 137KB) received on the pre-positioning for OBR and a document that maps the OBR policy against the principles for effective resolution of a distressed bank, as set out by international agency the Financial Stability Board.
While military historians may remember Desert Shield as the first successful trial of pre-positioning supplies, those logistical hiccups on the beach provided useful lessons to the Corps.
With harbors too small for LCUs (Landing Craft, Utility) and no suitable beaches for LCAC (Landing Craft Air Cushion) operations, the equipment carried by the MPS (Maritime Pre-positioning ships) was a perfect fit for this mission.
The mechanical unit is used for the pre-positioning of the movable roll, while the hydraulic cushion is used for the final precision tuning.
The DPS diaphragm protection system keeps the diaphragm in the rear position at rest for simple startup, requiring no pre-positioning.
Also supporting the MEFs is the Maritime Pre-positioning Force, which is operated by the Navy's Military Sealift Command.
The M900 pump heads feature pure PTFE diaphragms that can handle pressures to 5,800 psig, while the DPS system keeps the diaphragm 100% safe from overpressure, vacuum, and low suction conditions, replacing the need for complicated diaphragm pre-positioning start-up procedures.
This CPU core voltage pre-positioning enables the DC/DC converter to maintain its regulation during severe load transients without the addition of energy-storing output capacitors.
The 3500 Series table advances efficiencies of control and full body imaging for the most advanced surgical procedures, without requiting extensive patient pre-positioning or numerous surgical table accessories.
This involves pre-positioning a strip of unreinforced PP homopolymer in the mold prior to introduction of the glass-reinforced PP parison.
Defense Security Ccooperation Agency's Directorate of Humanitarian Assistance and Demining (HA-D) manages this program through the regional commanders in chiefs (CINCs) to include the selection, screening, pre-positioning, storage, refurbishment, and shipment of material.
I think there's widespread opinion among members of Congress that the president ought not to rule out any option, and the way to keep the ground option available, obviously, would be to do some pre-positioning,'' said Sen.
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