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PRE-VALPre-Validation (accounting)
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Brand owners are welcome to contact EnCirca with specific questions about pre-validation of their trademarks.
Generative Part Structural Analysis brings to the designer the power of finite element analysis pre-validation.
NCQA's PCMH 2014 Pre-validation program is designed to help physician practices identify products that alleviate or make more efficient administrative aspects of meeting PCMH 2014 requirements.
Should the file fail the pre-validation process the tool will provide a report summarizing a sample of the error's encountered thus providing the firm with the ability to correct the errors prior to re-submitting the file to the European DataWarehouse.
Wind River's Partner Validation Program is a great way to provide an optimized, out-of-the-box pre-validation of our ProConOS IEC 61131-3 SoftPLC and open PROFINET solutions, giving our customers a competitive edge with faster time-to-market, lower integration costs, and comprehensive long-term support.
using controlled test heaters) - Access to on-board telemetry data and availability in a centralised database alongside test acquisitions -Real time assessment of stabilisation status and estimate of error incurred with respect to the true steady state - Pre-validation of thermal control (e.
The Agilent N6430A WiMAX Protocol Conformance Test and Development Solution, based on Agilent's E6651A Mobile WiMAX Test Set, is undergoing pre-validation testing at a WiMAX Forum(R) testing laboratory using mobile terminals and base stations that use Runcom Mobile WiMAX chips.
Accellion's Managed File Transfer solutions have recently satisfied Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) pre-validation requirements.
Thanks to pre-validation, these systems guarantee the compatibility of all their components, including servers and operating systems, storage, network and system management.
Phytel provides pre-validation by NCQA for PCMH recognition, enabling physician practices to automatically meet certain PCMH requirements.
SAN ANTONIO -- GlobalSCAPE (AMEX:GSB), a leading provider of products that allow companies to move, store and share files securely over the Internet, announced that the Cryptographic Module to be embedded in its Secure Server and flagship, enterprise-class EFT Server products, has satisfied Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) pre-validation requirements.
Benefits under this contract will be divided into three lots: * The first batch will cover the excavation, for temporary stock and pre-validation of their removal and land fill excavated on Powerhouse Farciennes in part of the ongoing rehabilitation of soils.