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PRE-VALPre-Validation (accounting)
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This new system's all-in-one, multiple-technology design expands upon CI's promise by further simplifying IT infrastructure lifecycle management through extensive pre-validation.
This new systems all-in-one, multiple-technology design expands upon CIs promise by further simplifying IT infrastructure lifecycle management through extensive pre-validation.
What we foresee, in essence, is the pre-validation of a political initiative by "telling its story" via the voices closest to the issue--the fugitive populations themselves.
The scope includes processes associated with contract input, entitlement, pre-validation, posting expenditure, reconciliation, and system security for entitlements processed via the Mechanization of Contract Administration Services (MOCAS) commercial pay system.
Mukhtar Hussain Syed said getting thumbs up in pre-validation for mother and neonatal tetanus elimination status was a milestone for Punjab.
In order to eliminate long queues, we will be introducing self service, pre-validation, QR code and automation," Pradeep Panicker, executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), said.
Millstone's pre-validation testing can reduce the validation timeline up to 12 weeks for one-year aging and up to seven weeks for five-year aging.
The PeriRx Sjogren's Syndrome Test is developed based on NIH-funded research with initial discovery and pre-validation done at the University of California at Los Angeles.
The website offers information on pre-validation, certification, and tips on what a health center can do to keep its PCHH certification.
Additionally, assembly simulation exercises are underway to optimize learning; and the pre-validation of the assembly process, as well as environmental health and safety requirements up front is a key focus,O Dewar said.
Pre-validation of their applications should be one of the criteria used in selecting their registrar.
Pre-design and pre-validation communication allow the tubing supplier to tailor the extrusion to the application during development runs and actually simulate the intended use of the tubing, if needed.