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PACUPost Anesthesia Care Unit
PACUPost Acute Care Unit
PACUPrecision Air Conditioning Unit
PACUPhilippine Association of Colleges and Universities
PACUPennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities (Carlisle, PA)
PACUPiedmont Aviation Credit Union (Winston-Salem, NC)
PACUpost-operative care unit
PACUPeri-Anesthesia Care Unit
PACUPediatric Acute Care Unit
PACUPacific and Asia Christian University (Kona, Hawaii)
PACUPreprocessor Avionics Control Unit (B-1)
PACUPortable Atmosphere Control Unit (Molecular Products Ltd)
PACUPortafoamer Aircraft Cleaning Unit
PACUPublic Access Center Unit (US Federal Bureau of Investigation)
PACUProvincial Accounting Control Unit
PACUPan African Christian University College (Ghana)
PACUPrimary Avionics Control Unit
PACUPrice-Affected Commodity Use
PACUPeople of All Cultures United (Pittsburgh, PA)
PACUPediatric Ambulatory Care Unit
PACUPassengers Audio Control Unit (aviation)
PACUperioperative anaesthetic care unit
PACUPressure Actuation Control Unit
PACUPower and Control Unit
PACUPatient Ambulatory Care Unit (various locations)
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Tenders are invited for Supply Installation Testing And Commissioning Of Precision Air Conditioning Unit For Cdac Pune
Tenders are invited for Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Precision Air Conditioning unit for Construction of Partially completed Building
This innovative technology allows Lambda In-Row be as effective as large precision air conditioning units for perimetral installation, while keeping its size down to the footprint of a server rack.
The company also displayed its high precision air conditioning units, high density solutions for data centers, and VFD screw compressor chillers.
590 m 2 l90 channels, smoke extraction flaps, accessories; steel smoke extraction duct, grille, silencer, compensators refrigeration systems: 2 compact cold water sets qk = 700 kw with integrated free cooling surfaces, 4 precision air conditioning units qk = 15-35 kw, 1 co2 heat pump qk = 100 kw; 2 buffers 5,000 l, 4 distributors collector dn 350, 2 separate refrigeration circuits with pumps, fittings accessories; 560 m welded steel tube, sent blasted, painting
The main services of implementation phase i (ri) and implementation phase ii (r ii) and their scope are listed below: the subject of the contract is four titles: 1) ventilation and smoke extraction; 2) smoke pressure systems; 3) convection refrigerators and precision air conditioning units; 4) fire protection during construction.
support fan, 5 pcs precision air conditioning units, 7 pcs.
21 st fan coil units for cooling, - about 25 st ceiling fan coil units, - about 10 precision air conditioning units, - integrative life test.
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