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To answer this question, we need to think about the cleaning process in terms of precision and accuracy.
In terms of precision and accuracy, you need to hit the figurative bull's-eye with every single arrow.
As a result, precision and accuracy are suddenly out the window.
Having a clear understanding of the difference between precision and accuracy allows researchers to maintain weights and measurements that are ISO-compliant.
The results of precision and accuracy calculations for the tested GPS receivers are given in Table 1.
This study assessed four GPS receivers and determined both precision and accuracy at 95 percent confidence.
Results of GPS receiver precision and accuracy (in meters) at 95 percent confidence Precision Precision Accuracy Accuracy Sum Sum x y of Squares x y of Squares ProXR 0.38 0.46 0.59 0.46 0.78 0.91 GeoXT 0.43 0.59 0.73 0.53 0.77 0.93 GeoXT with WAAS 0.36 0.66 0.75 0.43 0.96 1.05 GeoExplorer II 1.96 2.90 3.50 2.02 3.25 3.83 Pharos 1.68 2.32 2.86 3.73 4.00 5.62 Table 2.
Furthermore, this kind of precision and accuracy allows the user to place electronic components on PCB boards, or even handle the optical 'pick up' lenses used in CD and DVD disc drives.
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