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This CJCSI provides the framework for development of Service and Joint officers by organizing the PME continuum into five military educational levels: precommissioning, primary, intermediate, senior, and general/flag officer.
The skipper of USS Stockdale (DDG 106) asked for an NPRP library during the ship's precommissioning workup, since he felt these books would help shape his crew into the cohesive fighting unit it is destined to become.
After months of living in government quarters, members of an LHD's precommissioning unit (PCU) were starting to move aboard ship.
First, developmental assignments improve officer competencies gained during precommissioning education, postcommissioning institutional training, and advanced civil education.
2 (requiring periodic, mandatory education and training in Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, during precommissioning and initial-entry training programs, and throughout the professional military education systems; annual sexual assault awareness training; and pre-deployment sexual assault training).
BOLC I will be the precommissioning phase conducted at the United States Military Academy, Officer Candidate School, or Reserve Officer Training Corps sites.
Sailors assigned to the precommissioning unit (PCU) of Navy's first littoral combat ship, Freedom (LCS 1), are experiencing a new kind of cross-training making them the Navy's first hybrid Sailors.
We include dummies for major commissioning programs to capture differences in the length and specificity of precommissioning training.
The officer corps should begin training while in precommissioning programs.
BOLC's Phase I is the precommissioning phase, according to Byrnes, and includes training conducted at the U.
Phase I of the new BOLC provides basic Army ethos, officership, and small-unit combat and leadership skills to newly commissioned lieutenants and standardized entry-Level competencies for newly assessed officers regardless of their precommissioning source.
Extensive in-house precommissioning and testing reduced the downtime at the customer's site to an absolute minimum.