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PFRAMEPredicted Frame
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When interprediction is adopted, the motion vector of current block [F.sub.n] is obtained by the motion estimation according to the reference block, and then the predicted frame P could be obtained by the motion compensation method; when intraprediction is used, the predicted block in the current frame is the weighted average of the selected adjacent decoded blocks of the current block.
The predicted frame survival function based on the estimated model suggests that the probability of survival for frames without either factor are immediately less than 40% and quickly declining, surviving at most 15 days.
After subsampling, predictive coding (prediction) is applied to frames with a regular temporal distance (e.g., each second frame is a predicted frame).
For a set of "typical" test sequences, the resulting size of a predicted frame is 2.5 times the size of an interpolated frame, and the size of an intraframe coded frame is 5.0 times the size of an interpolated frame.
Thus, the input for a processor consists of pairs of frames for predicted frames; it consists of triples of frames for interpolated frames.
SI is generally a predicted frame that is estimated using two adjacent key frames.
First, the temporally predicted frame is generated from the temporally succeeding and preceding key frames.
Again, several holes can be seen in the predicted frame. The holes should be filled by bilinear interpolation.
Frames that follow, called either predictive frames (p-frames) or bi-directional predicted frames (b-frames, not available in baseline streaming), only contain information that has changed between the keyframes.
MPEG-4 and H.264 are widely used standards for video compression and contain Intra-coded frames (I-frames), Predicted frames (P-frames) and Bidirectional frames (B-frames) [3].
A group therefore can consist of a single standalone frame, several predicted frames, and one or more interpolated frames between each of these.
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