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PRFPreferences (File Name Extension)
PRFProof (coin collecting)
PRFProducer Recycling Fund (Ireland)
PRFPulse Repetition Frequency
PRFPseudo Random Function (computer science; cryptography)
PRFPedigree Resource File
PRFPurdue Research Foundation (West Lafayette, IN)
PRFPersonality Research Form (psychological testing)
PRFProgeria Research Foundation
PRFProtein Research Foundation
PRFPetroleum Research Fund
PRFPhenol-Resorcinol-Formaldehyde (adhesive)
PRFPlan Régional de Formation (French: Regional Training Plan)
PRFPromotion Recommendation Form
PRFpontine reticular formation
PRFProton Resonance Frequency
PRFPatient Report Form (ambulance work and first aid)
PRFPoint Response Function
PRFPublic Relations Firm
PRFProject Request Form
PRFPulse Recurrence Frequency
PRFPlatelet Rich Fibrin
PRFPopulation Regression Function (economics)
PRFPrimary Reference Fuel
PRFPoverty Reduction Forum (Zimbabwe)
PRFProof File (file extension)
PRFPreRecorded Friends
PRFPublic Radio Fan
PRFPost Restaurant Fund
PRFpersonnel resources file (US DoD)
PRFPerformance Related Fee
PRFPlutonium Recovery Facility
PRFPersonnel Readiness File/Folder
PRFPolicy Rating Factor (insurance)
PRFPulse Recurrence/Repetition Frequency
PRFPathology Resource Facility
PRFProduct Release Form
PRFProcess Request Form
PRFProperty Removal/Pass Request Form
PRFPilot Read File
PRFPost-operative Respiratory Failure
PRFProcurement Request Form (various companies)
PRFPremier Rock Forum (aka Electrical Audio Forum)
PRFPrincipal Research Fellow (various locations)
PRFPeninsula Radio Flyers (South Africa)
References in classic literature ?
Without attempting to conceal her avowed preference of Wilfred of Ivanhoe, she declared that, were that favoured knight out of question, she would rather take refuge in a convent, than share a throne with Athelstane, whom, having always despised, she now began, on account of the trouble she received on his account, thoroughly to detest.
It is not unasked; he has known her all her life-- has ever shown a preference for her--has been kind to her and to all others in her presence--he has long anticipated her wishes, in trifles, and--and--in short, he has done just what he ought to do, to gain her love.
Now in the generality of free states, the governors and the governed alternately change place; for an equality without any preference is what nature chooses; however, when one governs and another is governed, she endeavours that there should be a distinction between them in forms, expressions, and honours; according to what Amasis said of his laver.
In shaping my future course I am now resolved to act on my own convictions--in preference to taking the well-meant advice of such friends as are still left to me.
Now, as both of these gentlemen were industrious in taking every opportunity of recommending themselves to the widow, they apprehended one certain method was, by giving her son the constant preference to the other lad; and as they conceived the kindness and affection which Mr Allworthy showed the latter, must be highly disagreeable to her, they doubted not but the laying hold on all occasions to degrade and vilify him, would be highly pleasing to her; who, as she hated the boy, must love all those who did him any hurt.
Sir Giles Wapshot's family were insulted that one of the Wapshot girls had not the preference in the marriage, and the remaining baronets of the county were indignant at their comrade's misalliance.
Being a light-complexioned woman, she wore light clothes, as most blondes will, and appeared, in preference, in draggled sea-green, or slatternly sky-blue.
Therefore,' said Mr Merdle, 'I can only give you a preference to a certain extent.
If, in the maiden days of the Dodson sisters, their Bibles opened more easily at some parts than others, it was because of dried tulip-petals, which had been distributed quite impartially, without preference for the historical, devotional, or doctrinal.
These two forms of the DELES are similar in structure, yet the items vary slightly in order to investigate students' learning environment preferences early in a class (Preferred form) and their perceptions during a class (Actual form).
Given the stark portrait of a university system seemingly uninterested in the ideal of social mobility, Bowen's suggestion that selective universities assign low-income students a preference in admissions akin to a legacy boost seems rather modest.
But the real reason, voting theorists say, is that the plurality vote distorted the preferences of the voters.