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PMOPPreferred Method of Payment (gambling)
PMOPPhase Modulation On Pulse
PMOPPhased Monthly Obligation Plan
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This work will be carried out by a contractor and will look at gathering relevant information such as the duration of people's stay, preferred method of payment, how well-used car parks are and whether they have the right number of spaces.
"The store is in an office building and was selected as a test because it was the preferred method of payment for a majority of customers at this location," says a Starbucks spokesperson.
This will reduce cash transactions and facilitate electronic payments as a preferred method of payment."
The ECB official said he could see TIPS become ''the preferred method of payment in places such as supermarkets or petrol stations'' and predicted that it would quickly prove its merit in daily life.
scdcs preferred method of payment is by bank automated clearing system (bacs).
According to Eastbridge's recent employee survey, payroll deduction was the preferred method of payment for voluntary benefits among employees, and 84 percent view the convenience of payroll deduction as a reason to buy a voluntary product.
The agreement will help our clients access the growth in the use of digital wallets, which in many parts of the world are the preferred method of payment.'
Cash on delivery is the preferred method of payment by e-commerce providers in the Philippines.
The new checkouts with their intuitive software will guide shoppers through all steps in the process and create an experience that enables them to select their preferred method of payment, help reduce queues and contribute to a smooth and easy checkout experience.
"If you want to use your Visa card or your Mastercard as your preferred method of payment, you can set it as your preferred way.
Please let the Oregon Department of Revenue and state know your preferred method of payment."
"Southeast Asia is a diverse and highly fragmented region and there is no one preferred method of payment. However, mobile penetration in the region remains high and drives several key trends including the rise of mobile payments and platforms as a service.
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