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PKPenetrating Keratoplasty (also seen as PKP)
PKParadise Kiss (comic)
PKPeninjauan Kembali (Indonesian: judicial review)
PKPääkirjasto (Finnish: main library)
PKPunto Kilométrico (Spanish)
PKPaardekracht (Horse Power)
PKPosta Kutusu (Turkish: Post Office Box)
PKPulemyot Kalashnikova (Russian machine gun)
PKPlayer Killer/Killing (used in multi-player games)
PKProcureur des Konings (Belgium, Crown Public Prosecutor)
PKPersonenkennzahl (German)
PKPoistumiskielto (Finnish)
PKProduct Knowledge meeting (Home Depot training)
PKProspect Keeper (church software)
PKPeasant Kill (Utopia gaming)
PKPower Kill (Lineage 2 gaming)
PKPunt Kick (football)
PKParkour (extreme urban sport)
PKPressekonferenz (German: press conference)
PKPallati I Kongreseve (Albanian: Palace of Congresses)
PKPain Killer (band and medicine)
PKPhil Katz (inventor of ZIP data compression)
PKProduct Knowledge (retail)
PKPyruvate Kinase
PKPeople Killer (gaming)
PKPeaceable Kingdom (movie)
PKPink Sheets (stock symbol)
PKPorcine Kidney
PKPlayer Killing (gaming)
PKPublic Key (cryptography)
PKPromise Keepers (Christian Men's Organization)
PKPeace Keeper (Farscape)
PKPakistan (Including Jammu & Kashmir)
PKPastor's Kid
PKPeacekeeper (missile)
PKPenalty Kick (soccer)
PKPenalty Killing (hockey)
PKPlacekicker (football)
PKPosition Keeper
PKPreacher's Kid
PKPrimary Key
PKProbability of Kill
PKPakistan International Airlines (IATA airline code)
PKPetroKazakhstan Inc.
PKPeacekeeping (various organizations)
PKPersonal Kill(s) (Lineage 2 game)
PKPoint Known (surveying)
PKPublic Knowledge
PKPossum Kingdom (Texas)
PKPourquoi (French: Why)
PKPikachu (pokemon TV show)
PKPickoff (baseball)
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Expanding early math curriculum into prekindergarten classrooms and developing specific math content knowledge for educators, along with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused education are effective ways, many believe, to help students do well while in school and be prepared for the increasingly complex and technical jobs awaiting them when they get out.
Voyager Sopris Learning is proud to be able to provide Illinois schools with high-quality prekindergarten instruction in early literacy, numeracy, prewriting, content areas, oral language development, and American Sign Language.
This book is based on their work on Project Early ID, a successful early identification and intervention pilot program for struggling prekindergarten students in the Baltimore City public schools.
2006) used a quasi-experimental design to compare state-funded prekindergarten and Head Start in Georgia.
The new Illinois Professional Teaching Standards incorporate literacy and technology standards for prekindergarten through twelfth grade into one new provision in the administrative regulations where previously they were scattered over several different provisions.
discuss ways in which municipal officials can strengthen the education continuum from prekindergarten through the third grade.
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics released "Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making," a follow-up to its 2006 document, "Curriculum Focal Points," which addressed grade-by-grade content standards in math for prekindergarten through 8 th grade.
This positive effect occurs in all grades, from prekindergarten through high school, and in all schools, from the poorest to the wealthiest.
By establishing Focal Points for prekindergarten to grade 8, the "big ideas" or most important topics are set for students to move successfully from one grade to the next, with the emphasis on problem solving, reasoning, communication, making connections, and designing and analyzing representations along the entire continuum.
Teachers in Head Start and prekindergarten environments are often trained in programs that result in differing levels of education--specifically, education to support the needs of children with disabilities in their classrooms.
Since 2004, a total of 10 child-parent centers have been replaced by federal Head Start or state prekindergarten programs, with most of them on the South and West sides.
In contrast, she noted, the education article requires a state prekindergarten program to be "voluntary, high-quality, free, and delivered according to professionally accepted standards" but does not specify a means by which to provide it.