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PNPart Number
PNPolished Nickel (product feature)
PNPractical Nurse
PNPanama (including Canal Zone Region)
PNPordenone (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)
PNParenteral Nutrition (intravenous diet administration)
PNProduct Name
PNPeripheral Neuropathy
PNPostnuke (website content management sytem)
PNProject Number
PNPartido Nacional (Spanish: National Party)
PNPitcairn Island (top level domain)
PNPinot Noir (wine)
PNPolice Nationale (French: National Police)
PNParques Nacionales (National Parks Administration, Argentina)
PNPromissory Note
PNPakistan Navy
PNPhilippine Navy
PNPlatoon (Canadian/British)
PNPractice Nurse
PNPlanetary Nebula
PNPublic Nudity
PNNoise Power
PNPhase Noise (communication systems)
PNPartit Nazzjonalista (Nationalist Party, Malta)
PNPolska Norma (Polish: Polish Standard)
PNPengadilan Negeri (Indonesian: district court)
PNPetri Net
PNPersonal Needs
PNProgram Neighborhood (Citrix Client Software)
PNPlay Nice (gaming)
PNProtease Nexin
PNPacific National (Australia)
PNPressure Normalized (gas wells)
PNPeer Networking
PNPolish Notation (aka prefix notation)
PNPredicate Nominative
PNPression Nominale (French: Nominal Pressure)
PNProcurement Notice
PNProperty Number
PNPressure Number
PNParticipating National (FCC)
PNProportional Navigation
PNParticipatory Note
PNProcessor Node
PNPreliminary Notification
PNPosition Navigation
PNPaso A Nivel (Spain)
PNPartner Nation
PNPercussion Note
PNPlanet Namek
PNProblem Notification
PNProminent Nuclei
PNPerfect Nonlinear
PNPositive Notification
PNPedigree Nursery
PNPolemiko Nautiko (Greek Navy)
PNPetitioner Name
PNUS Postal Note (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
PNPseudorandom Noise/Number
PN(USN Rating) Personnelman
PNPoikiloderma with Neutropenia
PNPiedmont and Northern Railway Company
PNPeriodic Nonharmonic
PNPositive-channel, Negative-channel junction (electronics, semiconductors)
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The laws empower National Center to hold inspections and visits to prisons without preliminary notification, and hold conversations with imprisoned persons without witnesses.
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Travels and services reimbursed by kela health insurance
Constitutional Court judge Omurzak Mamyrov provided explanations to media representatives yesterday concerning the ruling on claim submitted by human rights defender Tolekan Ismailova.In her claim Tolekan Ismailova asked to recognize the paragraph 1 of the article 3 of the law on peaceful assemblies and the decree of Bishkek mayor's office adopted based on the given law on sanctioned places for public actions as unconstitutional.In accordance with those norms, Kyrgyz citizens could hold public actions in places specially provided by local authorities for those purposes without notification.However, according to the article 25 of the Kyrgyz Constitution, such public actions should be held with preliminary notification of local authorities.
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Creating coffee and kiosk services in the HYKS medical area real estate
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Production of restaurant and caf services
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Hllbar Outdoorturism
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Procurement of household appliances by the Sakka group companies
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Virtualization of disk systems
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Communal Carriage Of Passengers
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Computers for office and mobile use (ios / macos)
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Rugged computers for demanding environmental conditions
Advance notice (preliminary notification): Electronic salvage planner system
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