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PRAPhysician's Recognition Award (AMA)
PRAProgressive Retinal Atrophy
PRAPostdoctoral Research Associate (various organizations)
PRAPrudential Regulation Authority (UK)
PRAPaperwork Reduction Act of 1995
PRAParticipatory Rural Appraisal
PRAProbabilistic Risk Assessment
PRAPolitical Research Associates
PRAPacifica Radio Archives (North Hollywood, CA)
PRAPublic Records Act (California)
PRAProfessional Rodeo Association (various locations)
PRAPlasma Renin Activity
PRAPhysical Review A (American Physical Society journal of atomic, molecular, and optical physics)
PRAPharmaceutical Research Associates (various locations)
PRAPubblico Registro Automobilistico (Italy)
PRAPatent Reform Act of 2011
PRAProgrammable Resistor Array
PRAPhysical Record Address
PRAPublic Remote Access
PRAPermission Role Assignment
PRAPre Release Agreement
PRAParallel Routing Algorithms
PRAPortfolio Recovery Associates (Norfolk, VA)
PRAProject Risk Analysis (various organizations)
PRAPurported Responsible Address
PRAPrimary Rate Access
PRAPanel Reactive Antibody (blood testing)
PRAPopular Rotorcraft Association
PRAProbabilistic Risk Analysis
PRAPoker Runs America (boating trips)
PRAParental Rights Amendment
PRAPaint Research Association (UK)
PRAPresidential Records Act of 1978
PRAProperty Rights Alliance
PRAPetrol Retailers Association (UK)
PRAPeace River Arch (Canada)
PRAPacific Racing Association (various locations)
PRAPermanent Resident Alien
PRAPolicy Research and Analysis
PRAParticipatory Rural Assessment
PRAPreliminary Risk Assessment
PRAPersonal Responsibility Agreement (social security)
PRAPatient Record Architecture
PRAPest Risk Assessments (USDA subsidiary)
PRAPlan de Reprise d'Activités (French: Plan Takeover Activity)
PRAProfessional Research Assistant
PRAPersonal Reemployment Account
PRAPhoton Research Associates, Inc.
PRAPortfolio Risk Assessment (USACE)
PRAPremium Reimbursement Arrangement (health insurance)
PRAPre-Retirement Association
PRAPunk Rock Aerobics
PRAProperty Reserve Analysis
PRAPlanned Regulatory Action
PRAProject Review Authority
PRAPanel for Regulatory Accountability
PRAPost-Release Analysis
PRAPublic Restroom Anxiety (behavioral disorder)
PRAProbability of Raid Annihilation
PRAPay Readjustment Act of 1942
PRAPrivileged Resource Architecture
PRAPatient Reporting Activity
PRAParticular Risk Analysis
PRAPropagation Research Associates
PRAPlatte River Associates, Inc (Colorado)
PRAReserve and Auxiliary Division (US DoD)
PRAPrenatal Risk Assessment
PRAParti pour le Renouveau Algerien
PRAParabolic Reflector Antenna
PRAParticipatory Research and Analysis
PRAParallel Retrograde Analysis
PRAPullet Rearers Association (UK)
PRAProgressive Refinement Approach (algorithm)
PRAPolarization Rotation Angle
PRAProgram Review Authority
PRAPark and Recreation Area
PRAPrimary Retinal Atrophy
PRAPay Record Accessibility
PRAPersonal Responsibility Act of 1995
PRAPersonal Refund Authority
PRAPlutonium Recycle Acid
PRAPrinciple Research Areas (CLIVAR)
PRAProduct Reliability Analysis
PRAProduct Release Authorization
PRAPrimary Reviewing Authority
PRAPost Refit Analysis
PRAProduction Rate Approval
PRAProduction Readiness Assessment
PRAPacket Resource Assignment
PRAPersistent Ranging Algorithm
PRAProcess Amplifier Assembly
PRAPerception-Reason-Action (artifical intelligence)
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Methodology of preliminary risk assessment of soil and groundwater contamination of former pesticides storage sites, Environmental Research, Engineering and Management 3(37): 22-28.
Dementi has questioned the outside panel's findings before the EPA's cancer review committee and its Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP), but so far, he says, his concerns have "fallen on deaf ears." Meanwhile, a revised preliminary risk assessment was released for public comment last May, indicating that there was "insufficient evidence to assess the potential [of malathion] for causing cancer in humans."
A preliminary risk assessment determined that ingestion of the crayons could result in lead poisoning of the magnitude seen in this case.
It will also include a socio-economic cost-benefit analysis, a preliminary risk assessment for optimal infrastructure solutions, and the identification of the regulatory and legislative gaps for the implementation and operation of such infrastructure.
The meeting follows the April release of the EPA's preliminary risk assessment on PFOA, which linked the chemical with death, birth defects, and developmental problems in rats.
The preliminary risk assessment identified a residue level for imidacloprid of 25 ppb, which sets a threshold above which effects on pollinator hives are likely to be seen, and at that level and below which effects are unlikely.
The agency is expected to make available for public comment the preliminary risk assessment during spring 2002.
The contract is for control, advice and technical assistance related to At a preliminary risk assessment (PRA of project management.
The first phase consists of a preliminary risk assessment. In this phase, the purchaser polls the target on its cybersecurity practices.
The preliminary risk assessment identified a residue level for imidacloprid of 25 parts per billion, which sets a threshold above which effects on pollinator hives are likely to be seen, and at that level and below which effects are unlikely.
Higher preliminary risk assessments are related to the collection of more persuasive evidence (nature), more year-end evidence (timing), and more evidence (extent).
We hypothesize that the level of reliance placed on the IAF will influence evidential planning decisions either indirectly through preliminary risk assessments, and/or directly through the use of prior and concurrent procedures conducted by the IAF.
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