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Matin said mothers' malnutrition, diabetics, early marriage and smoking and environment pollution are the major causes of premature child birth.
The two nurses involved were immediately sacked - and were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of causing danger to a premature child. Their callous caper came to light after the pair dropped the film off at a photo lab.
Davis and clinical psychologist Mara Tesler Stein addresses dealing with powerful and painful emotions associated with being the parent of a premature child, physical recovery from difficult childbirth, forming bonds with one's baby when it must be kept in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), dealing with the difficulties of discharge, homecoming, and settling in, observing one's child for evidence of disabilities and coping with them, and also, how to deal with the loss of a child.
In August 1990, Karla Miller's life-threatening infection forced doctors to induce delivery of her premature child. Some physicians told her and her husband the child had little chance to live and, if the baby did so, would probably have significant disabilities.
Prescott disagreed, saying doctors used "normal efforts for a 22-week premature child born pink, breathing, and alive."
Moreover, the fetus at this point is substantially identical to a premature child should it be delivered, and so merits protections similar (although not necessarily identical) to those afforded a premature child.
The Director of the MCHS and LD-Directorate of the Family Planning, disclosed a unique information describing pregnancy at the adolescent age and also very small spaces between two births as the main causes of premature child birth in Bangladesh.
The Blood Bike guys' proudest achievement is by far their breast milk run, the best nourishment for a premature child and getting this breast milk can be vital for the child's survival.
The development of the bond between the project team and the family, through to the performance of the visits, was carefully assessed in the context of care experienced by families throughout the hospitalization period, so that they could understand and receive the visit as another strategy of the family support network for receiving technical and social support to take their premature child home.
The high proportions of costs due to premature child deaths, followed by the mortality impacts of typhoid in the older population, are striking.