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PSEDPreschool Education
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Some advantages are that teachers were experienced public school teachers certified in special education and preschool education. There was extensive direction, planning, discussion, inservice training, and other program development activity.
While almost all children in his canton are getting access to the minimum 150 hours of preschool education, his Ministry hopes to get the figure to 450 hours.
Tobin (2005), an educational anthropologist who compares preschool education from different cultural contexts, cautions against the adoption of Western views of early childhood education and applying them in Chinese preschool classrooms without examining the difference between these theories and Chinese cultures and values.
The project will also support the development and implementation of alternative models of early childhood education, including remote learning that will increase access to preschool education for children living in rural and underserved areas.
"All the evidence has shown that children that are entering preschool education will be better prepared for primary education and will be more successful."
Presidential Advisor on Youth, Science, Education, Healthcare and Sport Abdujabbor Abduvakhidov, Minister of Preschool Education Agrepina Shin, World Bank Country Manager Hideki Mori and UNICEF Country Representative Sascha Graumann welcomed event participants.
"We expect that by 2020 almost all children aged 3 to 6 will be covered with preschool education. This is more than 1 million children," Sarinzhipov noted.
Education Level: Preschool Education; Early Childhood Education; Kindergarten; Primary Education
Lots of complaints are received about work of heads of our schools and preschool education institutions.
The goal of the project is to broaden equitable access to preschool education, to ensure improvement of preschool education quality.