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PDMPPrescription Drug Monitoring Program
PDMPProfessional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania (est. 1994)
PDMPProject Data Management Plan
PDMPPiecewise Deterministic Markov Process (reliability engineering)
PDMPProgram Data Management Plan
PDMPProduct Delivery Management Process
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The report also stressed a need for physicians to adhere more strictly to opioid prescribing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and regular registration of opioid prescriptions in state-level prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs).
Having the data from the PDMP can actually help them have that conversation because they can point to that data," says Peter Kreiner, principal investigator at the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center (PDMP TTAC) at Brandeis University.
This year the New Hampshire General Court passed Bradley's bill, a comprehensive measure that modified criminal penalties, strengthened the state's prescription drug monitoring program, enhanced prevention measures and education, and increased access to treatment.
A state-based prescription drug monitoring program consists of a database that contains details of the controlled substances, including opioid analgesics, that have been prescribed to patients in the past.
Prescription Drug Monitoring programs support the legitimate medical use of controlled substances while limiting drug abuse and diversion.
The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Center of Excellence at Brandeis University, the National Alliance for Model State Drug Laws, the Alliance of States with Prescription Monitoring Programs and
Additionally, in August 2012, the online version of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program became available to physicians, law enforcement, APRNs, Physician Assistants, and Medical Board and Nursing Board investigators.
The Prescription Drug Monitoring program was made possible through grant funding from the U.
Further, this legislation provides immunity from liability for prescribers and dispensers who in good faith receive and use information from the prescription drug monitoring program.
Check the state database: Be fore prescribing opioids, check your state's prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) database, advises Ms.
Prescription drug monitoring systems have emerged as a very useful tool (in confronting the opioid epidemic)," said Peter Kreiner, PhD, principal investigator of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Training and Technical Assistance Center at Brandeis University, which assists local officials in implementing and enhancing their monitoring systems.
Other themes from the event include the need to increase physician use of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and delegated access to other trained staff.
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