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PDD-63Presidential Decision Directive 63
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On the basis of these recommendations, the President issued Presidential Decision Directive 63 ("PDD 63") in May 1998, outlining the National Plan for Critical Infrastructure Protection.
The work of the Department of the Treasury in supporting the goals of Presidential Decision Directive 63 is a good step in helping the financial sector to address new forms of operations risk.
In 1998, the President issued Presidential Decision Directive 63 (PDD 63), which described a strategy for cooperative efforts by government and the private sector to protect the physical and cyber-based systems essential to the minimum operations of the economy and the government.
Because the electrical grid has been identified as part of the national critical infrastructure by Presidential Decision Directive 63, proper information security procedures are even more critical.
The Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office (CIAO) was created in response to Presidential Decision Directive 63 (PDD-63) in May 1998 to assist in the coordination of the federal government's initiatives on critical infrastructure protection (CIP).
At least 50 federal organizations within 13 major departments and agencies mentioned in Presidential Decision Directive 63 are involved in CIP activities that include setting policy, analyzing vulnerabilities and intelligence information, disseminating alerts and warnings on potential and actual infrastructure attacks, developing remediation plans, responding to incidents, and performing research and development.
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