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POxPulse Oximetry (medicine)
POxPressure Oxidation
POxPartial Oxidation (fuel cells)
POxPoint of Exit
POxPlain Old XML
POxPurgeable Organic Halogens
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The Group recently entered a new era of growth following the successful commissioning and start-up of its flagship asset, the Pressure Oxidation (POX) Hub at Pokrovskiy, which enables the processing of the Company's abundant refractory reserves and resources.
The fine material will be treated in a pre-acidulation (acid leach) circuit to decompose any remaining carbonate prior to pressure oxidation. The acidulated material will then be fed to a pressure oxidation circuit, where an autoclave operating at elevated temperature and pressure in an enriched oxygen atmosphere will extract the vanadium into solution.
Lakefield Research, meanwhile, was selected as the lead laboratory for the rigorous pressure oxidation testing programme.
The Campbell Mine achieved record gold production of 87,643 ounces in the third quarter as the result of higher grades and operation of the pressure oxidation plant commissioned in July.
It will include an assessment of an open-pit mining scenario followed by flotation and pressure oxidation of the concentrate for precious metal recovery with tailings deposition similar to historical operations.
The IDR of 'B-' reflects Petropavlovsk's small scale of operations, the group's medium-to-high cost position, completion risks associated with the construction of the Pressure Oxidation (POX) Hub and production ramp-up.
Voisin, "High pressure oxidation of normal decane and kerosene in dilute conditions from low to high temperature," Journal de Chimie Physique et de Physico-Chimie Biologique, vol.
In early April, Polymetal reported the commissioning of a pressure oxidation plant (POX) at Amursk and the production of the first Dore gold (263oz).
Aqua regia test results indicate flotation concentration is very amenable to pre-treatment options, such as pressure oxidation.
Refractory ores are treated by pressure oxidation, roasting or bio-oxidation; the last process may enable cut-off grades to be reduced to 1 g/t.