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PSVPlayStation Vita (gaming system; Sony)
PSVPharaoh's Servant (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
PSVPublic Service Vehicle (bus driver's license in GB)
PSVPhilips Sport Vereniging
PSVPlatform Supply Vessel
PSVPressure Support Ventilation
PSVPower Save Mode
PSVPeak Systolic Velocity
PSVPolished Stone Value
PSVPetit St. Vincent (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
PSVPressure Safety Valve
PSVPotential Sales Value
PSVPensions-Sicherungs-Verein (German: Mutual Insurance Association)
PSVPassive Stack Ventilation
PSVPrimary Source Verification (credential research)
PSVPeanut Stunt Virus
PSVPromesse Synallagmatique de Vente (French: Promise Indenture Sale)
PSVPanasonic Sales Vietnam
PSVPolysaccharide Vaccine
PSVPlatform Support Vessel (off shore oil services)
PSVPublic Service Value
PSVPseudo Spin Valve (magnetics)
PSVPoetry Society of Virginia
PSVParticle Streak Velocimetry
PSVPersonen Nahverkehr (German: Shortway People Transportation)
PSVProspect Street Ventures
PSVVerordnung Zur Sicherstellung des Postwesens (German)
PSVParola, Spirito e Vita (Italian: Word, Spirit and Life; Christian journal)
PSVProject Shared Vision
PSVProcess Safety Valve
PSVPolice Support Volunteer (British Police Force; UK)
PSVProgressieve Suriname Volkspartij (Suriname Progressive People's Party)
PSVPossible Severe Violation
PSVPort Sherry Vermouth
PSVPeak Saccadic Velocity (medicine)
PSVPlanned Special Visit
PSVPersonal Space Violation
PSVPolitics of Sexual Violence (class)
PSVPipe Separated Value (file format)
PSVProduction System Verification
PSVPartículas Semelhantes a Vírus (Portugese)
PSVPreliminary Site Visits
PSVPer Seconde Vervelender (Dutch)
PSVPattern Similarity Value (granule size distribuition)
PSVPart System Viewer
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Effects of propofol on patient-ventilator synchrony and interaction during pressure support ventilation and neurally adjusted ventilatory assist.
Extubation outcome after spontaneous breathing trials with T-tube or pressure support ventilation. Am J Respir Crit Care Med.
Physiological response to pressure support ventilation delivered before and after extubation in patients not capable of totally spontaneous autonomous breathing.
The PAWP is a difficult parameter to interpret during pressure support ventilation (Ahrens, 1999).
The experimental intervention was 30 minutes of ventilator-induced hyperinflation using pressure support ventilation in sidelying and the control intervention was 30 minutes of sidelying.
SIMV is almost always combined with pressure support ventilation (PSV) applied to the spontaneous breaths to augment spontaneous tidal volume.
Expanded clinical capabilities for spontaneously breathing patients include Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) and PSVPro(TM) (Pressure Support Ventilation with an apnea backup mode).
A chest radiograph revealed clearing pulmonary edema and the patient was placed on pressure support ventilation.