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P-TPressure-Temperature (thermodynamics diagram)
P-TPhaco-IOL (Intraocular Lens)-Trabeculectomy
P-TParabrachio-Thalamic (neurons)
P-TPlatelet-Thrombin Complex
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The pressure-temperature loggers have a measuring range from 1 to 4000 mbar absolute and 0[degrees]C to +150[degrees]C.
An Arrhenius model--used in accelerated life testing to establish a relationship between absolute temperature and reliability--described the pressure-temperature inactivation over the entire pressure-temperature range that was studied.
Pressure-temperature resistance characteristics of selected bacterial surrogate spores are being tested under selected process conditions.
Moreover, different pressure-temperature conditions could be chosen to achieve a desired inactivation level.
For both pasteurization and sterilization processes, combined pressure-temperature treatments are often thought the most appropriate.