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PHMPopulation Health Management
PHMPenn Harris Madison (school system; Indiana)
PHMPhone Module
PHMPowerhouse Museum (Australia)
PHMPeople's Health Movement
PHMPlease Help Me
PHMPrognostics & Health Management (aircraft technology)
PHMPharmacist's Mate (rank; US Navy)
PHMPretty Hate Machine (Nine Inch Nails album)
PHMPrognostic Health Management (aerospace technology)
PHMPink Hibiscus Mealybug (Maconellicoccus hirsutus)
PHMPublic Health Management
PHMPop Hits Monthly (recordings; Wilmington, DE)
PHMProportional Hazards Model
PHMPassive Hydrogen Maser
PHMPublic Housing Manager (certification)
PHMPer Hundred Million (measurement)
PHMPost Harvest Management
PHMPoverty, Hunger and Malnutrition
PHMPrince Hall Mason (freemasonry)
PHMPure House Music
PHMPublic Health Microbiologist
PHMPublic Health Midwife (Sri Lanka)
PHMGuided Missile Patrol Combatant (Hydrofoil)
PHMParallel Hierarchical Matching
PHMProgramme de l'Hygiène du Milieu (French: Environmental Health Program)
PHMPagan History Month
PHMPatrol Hydrofoil Guided Missile Ship
PHMPath History Management
PHMPasteurized Human Milk
PHMProcess Hazard Management (various companies)
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I've theoretically been a fan of the band for more than half my life, buying Pretty Hate Machine on cassette at an HMV in Avon, Connecticut with a gift certificate I'd gotten as a bar mitzvah present.
And, for me, it offers a good opportunity to revisit NIN's discography - the seven studio albums that came before Hesitation Marks (the last one, The Slip, was out five years ago) and gauge how this very talented musician has changed, beginning with 1989's Pretty Hate Machine to his latest.
Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails When everyone else had left the lab for the evening, Sabeti cranked up Nine Inch Nails and collected the experimental data needed to finish her Ph.
Trent Reznor wrote that chapter and years after he first punted pain on Pretty Hate Machine, he's still got those fans in his back pocket.
By exposing the pretty hate machine of the fashion shoot, its often-demeaning erotics, her piece illuminates fashion's reliance on artifice and trumped-up emotions that can be slipped on and off like a garment: sadness, misery, and abuse are nothing more than the look of a certain moment; all that matters when the photos are displayed is that emotions appear "real.
In 1989, Nine Inch Nails' debut Pretty Hate Machine made industrial accessible, going three times platinum in the process.
The author of a book on Nine Inch Nails' Pretty Hate Machine for the 33 V.
Nine Inch Nails is Trent Reznor," says the liner notes to 1989's Pretty Hate Machine.
On Pretty Hate Machine, NIN's debut, Reznor epitomized the corrupted youth in the face of nebulous powers: the church, the corporation and drugs.
It seems like the new album is the closest you've come to making full-on dance music since Pretty Hate Machine.
Both pop and urban music seemed to play a big part in your early formula--you thank Prince and Public Enemy in the Pretty Hate Machine liners.
I've heard a lot of, "It sounds a lot more like Pretty Hate Machine than anything you've done.