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PCANPrimary Care Access Network (Orange County, FL)
PCANPrevent Child Abuse and Neglect (child protection)
PCANPennsylvania Consumer Action Network (consumer help)
PCANPancreatic Cancer Action Network (also seen as PanCAN; El Segundo, CA)
PCANPreventive Care Access Network
PCANPurchase Card Administrative Notice
PCANPeak Controller Area Network
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As a volunteer, Bozarth has worked with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Rare Breed, Junior League of Springfield, and Diaper Bank of the Ozarks to prevent child abuse and neglect or to provide resources and relief to those who have already suffered.
Last year, CDC also released "Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect: A Technical Package for Policy, Norm and Programmatic Activities," which provides evidence-based strategies to help prevent child abuse and neglect.
And nearly 90 percent believe there is a role for every person, neighborhood, group and organization to prevent child abuse and neglect.
Major General Dr Al Nuaimi said that preventing child abuse begins in the home with good parenting, saying, "child protection against all types of dangers and abuse is a shared responsibility that begins at home, with good parenting -- hence the importance of raising public awareness on the need to prevent child abuse and neglect.
Our failure as a nation to implement effective policies and strategies to prevent child abuse and neglect costs taxpayers $104 billion per year and does not consider the personal toll on the victimized child.
The second component of a comprehensive plan should address parental and familial issues, because "the best way to prevent child abuse and neglect is to support families and provide parents with the skills and resources they need" (Prevent Child Abuse America, 2003, p.
The City of South Salt Lake, Utah, Family Support Center's mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect in all its forms and to treat those who live with its devastating effects--parents as well as children--regardless of ability to pay.
The report argues that such efforts are fiscally sound and that failure to invest in programs proven to prevent child abuse and neglect will cost billions of dollars while endangering millions of children and ensuring there will be thousands of future crime victims.
And almost 85 percent agreed that "there is a role for each and every person, neighborhood, group, organization, business and entity to prevent child abuse and neglect.
A prevention strategy may be actualized through individual acts of kindness to neighbors and strangers, but sustainable change cannot occur until there is a national policy and commitment to prevent child abuse and neglect.
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