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PORAProperty Owners and Residents Association (Sun City, AZ)
PORAPrincipal Official Responsible for Acquisition (US DHHS)
PORAPrevention of Road Accidents (Ghana)
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As a result, this can contribute to the prevention of road accidents, thus keeping motorists safe whilst out on the road.
We will benefit from the ideas, especially in helping promote awareness, prevention of road accidents and enhancing safety strategies."
He noted the low efficiency of work on the interaction of local authorities with police officers in the prevention of road accidents, as well as inadequate awareness-raising among the population.
1982 -- The Safety Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents was recognized.
Tunis, Sha'ban 9, 1438, May 5, 2017, SPA -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has participated in the Traffic Safety Village exhibition being held in Tunis on the sidelines of the 13th Scientific Conference of the International Organization for the Prevention of Road Accidents. In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Enezi, general coordinator of the National Initiative for safe driving, stressed that the Kingdom's two pavilions included books, bulletins and awareness boards on traffic safety.
It include dialling the emergency number properly to ensure quick arrival of medics; helping cases of fainting, suffocation, wound, burn, fracture, and nosebleed; prevention of road accidents; first aid for facial and jaw injuries; and first-aid kit.
A campaign for the prevention of road accidents will start on December 24 and last until January 6, police spokesman Andreas Angelides said in a statement on Wednesday.
Damage from the road accidents in Kyrgyzstan in 2013 reached 12 billion soms, said National Institute for Strategic Studies in its analysis of the consequences and prevention of road accidents in the country.
There are special advisories on prevention of road accidents, eating a balanced diet and practicing a healthy lifestyle, staying away from drugs and helping children to exercise safety in the use of electronic devices.
TUNIS, March 4, 2010 (TAP) - As part of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's constant interest in associative fabric and keenness to energise its role in awareness raising in the field of road safety and prevention of road accidents, given the importance of human life preservation, Interior and Local Development Minister Rafik Belhaj Kacem chaired, on Thursday morning in Tunis, the opening works of the 6th session of International Festival of Road Prevention Programme.
Rabat - About 99% of road accident in Morocco occur in urban areas and affect mainly pedestrians and motorcyclists, Permanent Secretary of the national commission for the prevention of road accidents (CNPAC), Azzeddine Chraibi said.
It has set up the BMF Foundation, which cover the advancement of education into road safety; the design, development and maintenance of roads; motorcycle design safety; the design of protective clothing; the causes and prevention of road accidents involving motorcyclists; the treatment of injuries typically suffered in such accidents; the reduction of crime involving motorcycles,especially motorcycle theft; the protection of the environment; and the sociological aspects of motorcycle use and transportation generally.
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