PRGFPoverty Reduction and Growth Facility
PRGFPreparation Rich in Growth Factors (osteoarthritis treatment)
PRGFPlasma Rich in Growth Factor
PRGFPseudorabies Virus Growth Factor
PRGFPartial Risk Guarantee Facility (finance)
PRGFProstatic Cell Derived Growth Factor
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Since the PRGF Endoret technology helps in the regeneration of bone and tissue; it has proved highly effective in solving the problem.
for evaluating the effect of PRGF in combination with allograft materials on osteo-regeneration, showed that plasma rich in growth factors improves the condition required for osteo-regeneration in implant installation site.
The seminar will offer experienced dental implant surgeons the chance to learn more about effective dental implant and PRGF treatment options from some of the leading dental professionals in Europe.
Two bone defects were made in each hind tibia: in the right tibia, one defect was used as control, while PRGF was applied to the other.
Zimbabwe is the first and only country to have protracted overdue obligations to the PRGF Trust.
Algunos sistemas de preparar concentrados de PRGF utilizan concentraciones muy elevadas de trombina bovina.
The PRGF will yield a lot of benefits to the country.
The Gambia has made tremendous strides in terms of preparing a strategy to reduce domestic poverty, formulating a PRGF program to sustain macroeconomic stability, and donors have pledged a lot of resources.
But civil society organizations in Uganda and Tanzania, two of the first countries to embark on the PRGF, report that the IMF still expects to provide the basic economic framework, with civil society filling in some details and signing off.
The PRGF arrangement for Afghanistan was approved in June 2006 for $120 million.