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P/CPhone Call
P/CPrice Check
P/CProperty Casualty (insurance)
P/CPersonal/Confidential (data privacy)
P/CPersonal/Commercial (personal and commercial insurance)
P/CPolyester/Cotton (textiles)
P/CPrices Current
P/CProtein to Creatinine Ratio
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The Price Check Challenge premiers after Travel Set Go has continued to gain strength in the travel industry during its first year of business.
Amazon's Price Check app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices, lets shoppers scan product bar codes in brick-and-mortar retail stores, take pictures of items, or conduct text searches to find the lowest prices and then share that information with Amazon.
"The goal of the Price Check app is to make it as easy as possible for customers to access product information, pricing information, and customer reviews, just as they would on the Web," Amazon said.
The new Amazon Price Check app and promotion, which is starting from this Saturday, will allow people to perform a price check on an item in a shop, by scanning in the bar code using the app on their iPhone or Android device.
A Tesco spokesman said: "Price Check and Double the Difference have given rise to a cottage industry of savvy and determined people.
Our SMS price check application allows us to address the entire universe of Mobile Users by providing price checks on the go."
In past years, many retailers have exploited the fasting month to increase their profits as people rush to shop, however this year Gulf News' regular price checks seem to indicate a break from the pattern.
City fans welcome their heroes onto the pitch; PRICE CHECK ...
I called the cashier's attention to the error; she ordered a price check. It took forever for the clerk who had taken the call to go the frozen food case, find the spinach, and bring two bags and two price signs to the checkout.
Call now for a FREE and impartial energy or homephone price check.
It is subtitled "True Tales From the Top of the Naughty List." The book will resonate with any harried holiday shopper who ever stood in a check-out line behind a customer demanding a price check because her 29 cent silk flower purchase ``came from the 25 cent cart!''
LT." Normally they would be expensive, but as a company we've made a commitment to bringing superior value to the customer, and a price check of our tariff table would show that we're up to 57 percent cheaper than our competitors.