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The price elasticity of supply (PELS) reported in the literature varies greatly, indicating that conclusions regarding price signaling in the timber market are mixed.
where [epsilon] and [delta] denote the price elasticity of market demand and the price elasticity of supply from the price leader's competitors.
The price elasticity of supply for groundnuts is inelastic and approximately 0.
The study calculated a price elasticity of supply in the range of 0.
The price elasticity of supply is found to be relatively high: a 10 percent increase in the price that homeowners are willing to pay for coverage results in a 27 percent increase in the number of policies supplied.
Price elasticity of supply is equal to the percent change in the quantity due to a percent change in the price or over some range from [Q.
8,9) The same terminology and implications for slope are used for the price elasticity of supply, for which larger (smaller) values of the price elasticity of supply are associated with flatter (steeper) slopes of the supply curve.
First, estimates of the long-run non-OPEC price elasticity of supply vary from a low of 0.
The fact that the long-run price elasticity of supply of rental housing is estimated to be in excess of 10 means that there will be practically no long-run effect on rents from a reduction of on-base naval housing.
Epsilon]], where [Epsilon] is the inverse of marginal cost elasticity, which under perfect competition denotes the price elasticity of supply.
If the price elasticity of supply in one area is infinite while it is finite in another, then demand fluctuations will yield a zero price correlation regardless of the magnitude of the cross-price elasticity of demand.
With a set of well-behaved linear demand and supply functions, the optimum ad valorem tax rate of commodity i is lower than that of commodity j if (i) the price elasticity of demand for commodity i (absolute value) exceeds that for commodity j and (ii) the price elasticity of supply for commodity i exceeds that for commodity j.