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PRIMPrivate Methods
PRIMPrimarius (German)
PRIMPension Reserves Investment Management
PRIMPre-Referral Intervention Manual (Hawthorne Educational)
PRIMPlateforme Regionale d'Information sur les Métiers (French)
PRIMPersonal-Reference Information Manager (software)
PRIMPartido Regionalista Independiente Madrileño
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These were the royal consultant, Dr Teodor Wickerhauser, Dr Miroslav Cackovic and primarius Dragutin Masek (Fig.
Therapeutic modalities for the primarius range from surgical resection, systemic therapy, and local ablative methods to liver transplantation.
Pouco-Comum 2016 Alvarinho (Vinho Regional Minho, Portugal; $15) Primarius 2014 PinotNoir (Oregon; $15)
His special qualities as a primarius were patience, kind attitude, and a high level of professional competence.
So to my first wine, Primarius Pinot Noir 2011 from Oregon, which is selling for PS9 in Tesco.
Zatchlas Aegyptius propheta primarius e la scena di necromanzia nella novella di Telifrone (met.
3, in corp.); <<Matrimonii finis primarius est procreatio atque educatio prolis>> (Codex pianus-benedictinus, can.
A sixth-century curialis of Cantabria is mentioned by Braulio, Vita Aemil., 16 (23), while a sixth-century primarius (sc.
145-152, donde puede leerse: <<Finis primarius utriusque Archivi erat et est: servire Praeposito Generali eiusque Assistentibus in regimine Ordinis.
Hence, one of von Hildebrand's great insights about human finality can be formulated in this way: just as Odysseus during his travails was focused above all on Penelope, so the Christian, in an even greater way during the pilgrimage of this life, is focused on God in Himself as "the finis primarius ultimus (the primary ultimate end) of man" (115).
He obtained the BSc degree in 1972 and MB ChB in 1977 from the University of Stellenbosch, where in 1976 he was elected as Head of House (Primarius) of Hippokrates Men's Residence and Executive Chairman, University of Stellenbosch Clinic Welfare Organisation.
Their challenge took the pair, who are directors of Birkenhead-based security firm, Primarius Ltd, as far north as Helsinki, as far south as Athens, to Bucharest in the East and to Lisbon in the West.