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PHCEPublic Health in Complex Emergencies (international training program)
PHCEPrimary Health Care Education (University of Winchester; UK)
PHCEPlumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical
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These components consist Livelihood programme, Support to Women of the entire district, Primary Health Care Education, de-rooting of Violence against women etc have been included in their umbrella plan at Chitral district.
The link between the discourse of health literacy and patient education provides a new perspective into measurable primary health care education (Davis & Wolf 2004; Wolf et al.
This paper makes a contribution to current nephrology nursing practice by critiquing the issue of health literacy and it's relevance to primary health care education.
Primary health care education prepares the person to self-administer oral medications, subcutaneous Erythropoietin and/or insulin and successfully manage their complex diet and fluid restrictions correctly so as to avert complications (Campbell et al.
Primary health care education should include screening for health literacy capabilities prior to the provision of any education (Tang et al.
Difficult language without definition and explanation, complex sentence structure and assumed knowledge may present insurmountable problems for those with limited health literacy and are therefore impediments to primary health care education (Zarcardoolas et al.
An increase in awareness of the implications of limited health literacy in primary health care education has led to the development of a 'clear language' movement (Zarcardoolas et al.
Shah, director of the primary health care education and research unit at the Western Sydney (Australia) Area Health Service, finds that this improves compliance.
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