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Once located at Prince Sultan Air Base, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, spanning nearly 30,000 square feet--the Combined Air Operations Center was considered the critical hub for decision-making of all Operations Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom air and space operations.
But the US forces have moved from their Prince Sultan air base to Qatar.
Greg Defore, chief of kill-box interdiction and close air support at the Combined Air Operations Center, in Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia.
15 2003, an RC-135W crew was on station for an operational sortie out of Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia, in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH.
Prior to the March invasion of Iraq, close to 8,000 US military personnel were stationed in the kingdom, most at the Prince Sultan Air Base - a $1 bn command facility - outside Riyadh.
Of all these facilities, Prince Sultan Air Base has come into the media over the past year because of its expected high profile role in the event of a war against Iraq.
With Saudi Arabia government officials in the past having indicated possible opposition to the use of the Prince Sultan Air Base in an attack on Iraq, a headquarters that can be moved around the region at will provides CENTCOM with greater flexibility in conducting warfare.
A sophisticated air operations center is at Prince Sultan Air Base, where the air campaign in Afghanistan was managed.
We were tasked to patrol the Iraqi southern no-fly zone from Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia.
These officials said the Saudis are also willing to allow the US to co- ordinate and direct an air campaign against Iraq from the Combined Air Operations Centre, a state- of-the-art command centre at Prince Sultan Air Base, south of Riyadh, the Saudi capital.
The 29-year-old was on duty patrolling the Prince Sultan Air Base when he heard a shot ring out.
Defence Minister Prince Said al-Faisal's statement means the Pentagon might be able to use the remote Prince Sultan Air Base, where most of the 5,000 US military personnel in Saudi Arabia are stationed, as a key base for any attack on Iraq.
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