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PVPresent Value
PVPhysical Volume (IBM AIX)
PVPrescott Valley (Arizona)
PVPuerto Vallarta
PVPleasant Valley
PVPole Vault
PVParadise Valley (Arizona)
PVPromotional Video (usually music video)
PVProcess Variable
PVPresta Valve (bicycles)
PVPoliovirus (human enterovirus)
PVProcès Verbal (French: Official Report, or Fine)
PVPalos Verdes (California)
PVPage View (website statistic)
PVPersonal Vaporizer (E-cigarette)
PVPlanned Value
PVPartido Verde (Green Party - Brazil)
PVPolycythemia Vera (blood disease)
PVPaís Valencià
PVParameter Value
PVPharmacovigilance (UK)
PVParticipatory Video (film project)
PVPeso Vivo (Spanish: live weight)
PVPura Vida (Costa Rica)
PVPlastic Viscosity
PVPacket Video
PVPathovar (bacterial strain)
PVPavia, Lombardia (Italian province)
PVPressure/Vacuum (valves for regulating gas and vapours on tankers)
PVPerformance Verification
PVPemphigus vulgaris
PVPrice Volume
PVPotential Vorticity
PVPressure Valve
PVPneumatic Valve
PVPointer Value (programming)
PVPahrump Valley (California-Nevada)
PVPore Volume (oil and gas)
PVPanasonic Vietnam Co., Ltd.
PVPanel View
PVPosition Velocity (physics)
PVPreviously Viewed (rental videos/DVDs now for sale)
PVPersonal Vehicle
PVPrime Vendor
PVPleasantview (Neighborhood in the Sims 2 computer game)
PVProduct Verification
PVPassive Voice
PVPeak Velocity
PVPrince Valiant (comic strip)
PVPatient Visits
PVPositive Vetting (security clearance; various locations)
PVPaul Verhoeven (film director)
PVProtean Void (webcomic publisher)
PVPlasma Viscosity
PVParole Violation (criminal law)
PVProcess Verification
PVProyecto Venezuela (Venezuela Project)
PVPerformance Validation
PVProtocol Violation
PVPossible Violation
PVProduction Validation
PVPartido Victoria (Guatemalan political party)
PVProtection Visa (Australia)
PVPrivate Varnish (magazine)
PVProject Verification
PVPer Vaginal (examination of a patient)
PVPreservation and Value
PVPublic Voucher
PVPersonvagn (Swedish: person vehicle)
PVPath Verification
PVPauli-Villars (regularization)
PVProtected Village (Zimbabwe; civil war designation)
PVPoids Vide (French: unladen weight)
PVPuddu Varano
PVPermanent View (concrete finish requirements)
PVPressure Variance
PVPizza Village
PVPotential Viewer
PVPrograma Voluntários
PVPlatform Vulnerability
PVPigment Vehicle (Canadian band)
PVPrivileged Visitor
PVPyrotechnic Valve (or Pyrovalve)
PVPerfect Vision (Productions) Inc. (private Canadian information-based corporation)
PVPoranichnye Voiska (Russian: border troops)
PVPrimärvereinigung (German: Primary; children's organization in the Mormon Church; aka Sunday meeting which children attend)
PVPowassan encephalitis virus
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In an essay well-known art critic Alice Guillermo explains that "Coching's art reveals the influence of (Hal) Foster author of the popular 1930s pulp series Prince Valiant in the acute characterization, the interrelationship of the figures, the general composition, the use of color and tones, as well as the feeling for the natural setting." A selfportrait of National Artist for Visual Arts Francisco V.
Together, the much-loved comedy double-act will be working to assist Prince Valiant on his quest to rescue the sleeping princess -- and getting into plenty of scrapes along the way!
She tries to baptise it Prince Valiant, but it objects in Danish with a Scots accent, and says it is called McAduddi.
It was used as the backdrop to the 1996 film Prince Valiant, starring Edward Fox, Joanna Lumley and Katherine Heigl.
While she might not be a real-life royal anytime soon, at least Heigl will always have her role as Princess Ilene in 1997's "Prince Valiant" to look back on.
Other cast members are Zoe Clarkson as Snow White, Dom Moccia as The Prince Valiant, Helen Woodhead as Fairy Good Heart and Jayne Davison as The Wicked Queen.
Special praise for Tom Riddell as a young, appealing Prince Valiant who closes down the Wendyhouse and rescues the girl and Genevieve Lowe as the kooky Good Fairy, who moves like a rocket and is delightful.
Kettler is charged with bringing King properties--including Popeye, Betty Boop, Prince Valiant, Flash Gordon, and Cuphead--into the digital age as programming continues to expand onto streaming services and OTT platforms.
The volume features an introduction and conclusion, and seven chapters, each focusing on an individual comic title: Prince Valiant (1937); The Green Arrow (1941); The Mighty Thor (1962); Conan the Barbarian (1970); Red Sonja (1973); Beowulf: Dragon Slayer (1975); and Northlanders (2007).
The titular story features a young, lonely schoolboy "with unfortunate Prince Valiant bangs" who encounters a dying man on a frozen lake.
Reader: My first exposure to the Sunday comics included "Prince Valiant," and I have followed the not-historical, non-Arthurian exploits of that strip faithfully ever since.
Ed??s Buster Brown Gang, as well as adaptations featuring Superman and Prince Valiant; background on the history of the Western and the cowboy, and the influence of the Arthurian knight in radio Westerns like The Cisco Kid and Wild Bill Hickok; and the history of Robin Hood and radio adaptations of the legend, such as in episodes of Popeye the Sailor, Casey Crime Photographer, Escape, Mickey Mouse Theater, Abbott and Costello, and Crisis.
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