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PWSSCPrince William Sound Science Center (Cordova, AK)
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Participants were different in each of the three groups, but included:John Devens, former mayor of Valdez; Rick Steiner, a University of Alaska Fairbanks professor and marine conservation specialist who also specializes in setting up citizen oversight groups worldwide; Prince William Sound Science Center staff; Cordova Chamber of Commerce; Copper River Seafoods; World Wildlife Fund; sociologists; anthropologists; biologists; and an Anchorage Police Department chaplain.
5 to 14 Prince William Sound Science Center Working with local marine scientists and educators, students will participate in hands-on, science-based activities that increase their knowledge of coastal and marine ecosystems.
And while the long-term negative effects of this environmental disaster are still being weighed, it did spur one positive event--the creation of the Prince William Sound Science Center (PWSSC).
For more information, contact Prince William Sound Science Center, P.O.
Forest Service-Cordova Ranger District and the Prince William Sound Science Center, working together to create environmental awareness through education and hands-on experience.
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